Notepad++ open file in new window

Notepad++ new window

As you might have noticed, Notepad++ doesn’t offer the option to open a new window, and opens all files in the same one.

In order to open a new window, in which you’ll be allowed to open files / create new tabs / drag and drop opened files, simply put your cursor on the tab name of the file you want to open in a new window, click and keep the mouse button pressed, drag the mouse out of the Notepad++ window, release the mouse button – and voilà !

Open new Notepad++ window

It is now opened in a new window.

Take care, it does not allow to open unsaved files in a new window. You’ll have to save them first, or move them to a second window already opened with an existing file.

Notepad++ separate window

There is no need to install a specific plugin to open a separate window in Notepad++.

However, to be able to open a file in a new window, the tab must have been saved on the computer.

If the tab hasn't been saved, it is not possible to drag and drop it outside of the current window to open it in a new window. Make sure the file is saved beforehand.

It is possible to move the second window back in the first window by dragging and dropping the tabs from one window to another.

Notepad++ open file in new window

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Amazing, now it is my turn to try !
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Semplice, chiaro e ben spiegato, molte grazie
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Site-ul grozav, vă rugăm să continuați
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אני אנסה את זה עכשיו, תודה על שיתוף
 2018-08-19 -  ragenaV
Hei, jeg så artikkelen din og det hjalp meg med å løse problemet mitt, mange takk

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