Cannot load 32 bit plugin Notepad++

Cannot load 32-bit plugin Notepad++

Having installed Notepad++ with the Windows 10 apps store, it installed by default the 64 bits version. This wasn't a problem, until I tried to Compare two text files with Notepad++‌ and order a list‌ and remove duplicates, which both require a 32 bit version of Notepad++ to work.

The solution is pretty simple - download the 32 bit version from the Notepad++ website, and install it. It will propose by default to update itself the existing installation, without losing any work, like open drafts and files.

Notepad++ 32 bit or 64 bit

On Notepad++ website, download the 32 bit version:

During the installation, the program will offer to replace the existing installation, without losing any work.

Then, in the old installation folder, which was located in Program Files:

Notepad++ download for Windows 10 64 bit

Copy the plugins to use with the application in the Program Files (x86) folder:

And restart the program in order to see the plugins appear in the menus:

Notepad++ 32 or 64 bits

The question is valid, should we use Notepad++ in 32 or 64 bits?

Actually, it does not change anything, except that depending on the version you have chosen, you will have to download the corresponding plugins.

If you have selected Notepad++ 32 bits, then you should always download x86 plugin versions.

If you have selected Notepad++ 64 bits, then you should always download x64 plugin versions.

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