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Photography is something that can visually remind a person of the most joyful and exciting moments in his life. For a long period of time, people have been constantly taking pictures from weddings, banquets, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays or simply from events that are significant for them, or their loved ones, so that later you can enjoy looking at high-quality photos, returning your thoughts into the past and relive pleasant emotions. Also, do not forget that for some, taking pictures can become a favorite hobby, which will significantly diversify the boring boring routine of weekdays, help cope with everyday stress and get genuine pleasure from the process of this type of activity. It is also impossible to exclude the possibility of turning a hobby into a serious professional work: a person can start earning good money, specializing in his favorite business. However, not always everything goes as smoothly with the photographic material as we would like it to be. Quite a common, often encountered problem for people who in one way or another have or had to do some work on a photograph in the past, is the appearance of various kinds of defects in individual photographs, due to which the quality of photographs is significantly lost, it becomes difficult to make out what is depicted on them, the picture becomes ugly and unattractive aesthetically, or any possibility of playing a file on modern electronic media is completely lost for certain technical reasons.

In order to correct defects and completely eliminate such unpleasant incidents with any image, a special program was developed that helps to cope with problems with files and is designed for computer and modern mobile devices.

What is Tenorshare Photo Repair?

Tenorshare Photo Repair is a new advanced and modern program specially designed to quickly and easily eliminate a variety of photo defects and restore damaged files, which can be used on computer or mobile devices.

The reasons why photography becomes broken are actually many more than you can imagine, but the most basic of them are the following:

  • accidentally lost bits as a result of unsuccessful export from device to device, or simply in the event of a system failure of the media;
  • careless handling during use or inept storage of CD / DVD media, as a result, leading to the formation of scratches of varying degrees of complexity;
  • systematic accumulation of problem sectors on the carrier as a result of system failures, various viruses, and so on;
  • the device on which the images are stored is not able to support the format in which the photographs are made and stored, for technical reasons and due to its production characteristics;
  • there may be other reasons.

The problems that people face when processing and storing photographic material can be very diverse, but among them the most common and most frequently encountered among users, as a rule, are:

  • the image becomes faded;
  • the acquisition of a grayish tint by a photograph;
  • inability to reproduce photographic material;
  • damage to the photo in the place where the title should be;
  • using incorrect image formats;
  • the photograph has acquired a grainy texture;
  • the image was blurry and indistinct;
  • the photograph has acquired a pixel structure:
  • the photograph has been distorted in some way.

What problems does Tenorshare Photo Repair solve?

Tenorshare Photo Repair is a program that allows its users to do the following work;

  • restore damaged JPEG images using the help of sample files;
  • restore absolutely any image format;
  • carry out a comprehensive restoration of photos to their original quality.

Pros of Tenorshare Photo Repair.

The advantages of the program that make it significantly better than the competition include the following positive performance characteristics:

  • the ability to simultaneously process up to thirty images at the same time, including completely different file formats;
  • the program is very simple in its operation and every user can understand the rules of its use;
  • very pleasant and easy-to-use interface in the program;
  • made by professionals, aesthetic design of the program;
  • very fast and fruitful process of restoring defective photographic material of any complexity;
  • democratic cost of the program, which will be affordable for absolutely any consumer;
  • absolutely fully compatible with the latest device software, which is in massive demand around the world. Tenorshare Photo Repair is supported by such world famous companies and brands as: 1) Windows; 2) macOS; 3) Vista.
  • the ability to work with the program through any modern mobile device;
  • the ability to recover photographic material from any modern camera or photo camera;
  • one hundred percent guarantee of the safety of using and downloading the program for the working device;
  • the ability to seamlessly recover files that were deleted and lost as a result of a system failure of the device.

How does Tenorshare Photo Repair work?

In the program Tenorshare Photo Repair, users from the developers are fully provided with services of a diverse nature for the recovery of the following files and formats:

  • popular photo formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, GIFF, PCX, MPG, MPEG and many others;
  • various files in such formats as ARW, CR2, CR3, CRW, DNG, ERF, HEIC, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2, SRF, TIFF and so on;
  • SDXC and SDHC memory cards.

The rules for operating the program are extremely simple for the average user and everyone can cope with it. In order to successfully eliminate the problems that have arisen, resorting to the help of Tenorshare Photo Repair, the owner of the program must, while observing a strict sequence of actions, perform the following several steps:

  • go to the desktop from your device and launch a program previously downloaded from the Internet;
  • find a special window in the running program, and then hold down the Add file button;
  • then select in your personal storage photos that you want to restore or get rid of any defects and errors;
  • after selecting the appropriate photos, you need to hold down the Restore button, which will be located in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • then you should wait for the complete completion of the process of restoring photographic materials;
  • after the restoration process is completely completed, you need to hold down the Save button, so that the result of the work is not lost and you do not have to start doing all the work again;
  • then extract photos with eliminated defects from the program and move them to any convenient storage location on the device;
  • in the event that the quality of the performed restoration process does not suit the user for any reason or the damage of defective photographic materials is too serious and large-scale, then you should select the Advanced Repair tab in the program and start the necessary editing of photographs from the beginning.

Tenorshare Photo Repair reviews

Tenorshare Photo Repair is an excellent modern program for the restoration of defective or erased photographic materials, providing photo repair at the highest highly professional level, which collects a lot of positive reviews and comments from the user audience in the vastness of both the Russian and foreign sides of the Internet. Netizens and amateur photographers praise the program for such positive qualities as:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • safe download from the Internet;
  • high efficiency of recovery processes and elimination of defects of varying degrees of complexity;
  • fast and high-quality process of processing and restoring files of any complexity.

It is extremely difficult to find negative reviews for the program; it has almost absolutely no shortcomings and complaints from Internet users.

Also an extremely important role in creating and maintaining the good reputation of the Tenorshare Photo Repair program is played by the extremely democratic cost of the product of the licensed version, which anyone can afford, regardless of their social status or current financial situation. The widespread use of the program is by no means less important in obtaining positive characteristics, because thanks to this, it can be easily found on the Internet, downloaded to your device and start working. In the event that the user, for some possible reason, is not sure whether the program is necessary for him, he can easily download an extended demo version to his computer or mobile device, which will fully help him to get acquainted with the services that provided by the developers, and if everything suits him, he will later be able to download the complete licensed version for himself.


Tenorshare Photo Repair is the ideal program for people who are no matter how much they are fond of photography, thanks to it you can no longer worry about the unsatisfactory quality of the photographic material or that the pictures will be irretrievably damaged and lost once and for all without the possibility of their recovery. After all, now literally just a couple of hours is enough for the files to return to normal and proper appearance, and they could again be admired, recalling the most beautiful and amazing moments of your life. Also, Tenorshare Photo Repair can help photographers more than once, because they do not have to redo unsuccessful pictures, but it will be possible to quickly eliminate current problems, and in the future, photos can be sent without compromising their quality to other devices, to other people.

Based on the general review of Tenorshare Photo Repair, we can conclude that the program can be safely used for your needs and purposes, as well as without a twinge of conscience to recommend it to your friends and acquaintances, as well as amateur photographers and professional photography professionals.

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