Excel scrolling instead of moving cells

Excel arrow moves page instead of cell

If you have happen to be moving the page viewed instead of the cell selected in Microsoft Excel, do not panic.

Open the On-Screen Keyboard, and uncheck the ScrLk (Screen Lock) key, and you're done !

Usually, when you are in cell A1, and you press the keyboard arrow key right

You expect to end up with cell B1 selected :

If, instead, the screen display moved one cell right - still with cell A1 selected :

All you have to do is open Windows menu, enter keyboard in the search bar, and open the On-Screen Keyboard :

Here, with the Excel window open in foreground, the ScrLk key should be white, meaning selected :

Simply click on the ScrLk key to deselect it :

Go back to Excel, and pressing the right arrow key while having A1 cell selected should move the selection to cell B1

Excel not scrolling cells with arrow keys

This issue of excel arrows not moving cells happens when the screenlock option has been checked.

It leads to excel arrow keys move page not cell, pressing this key in excel change arrow key behavior.

If the arrow keys move screen not cell in excel, then simply open the virtual keyboard and change the screenlock key, and excel arrow keys not moving cells will be solved !

Excel scrolling instead of moving cells

When Excel is scrolling instead of moving cells, due to inadvertently activating the scroll lock option, there is only one way to deactivate it.

Activate the on screen keyboard and switch off the scroll lock option, by finding the desktop app in Windows search menu in the bottom left of the screen.

Then, simply deactivate the scroll lock option directly from the virtual keyboard.

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