How to solve an ASUS laptop disabled touchpad?

How to solve a disabled touchpad on ASUS ZenBook

Having disabled by mistake the ASUS ZenBook touchpad, with the impossibility to reactive it using the keyboard shortcut, the only solution is to go to Windows settings > devices > touchpad > set touchpad to ON.

If the touchpad option is not showing up, or disappears after a computer restart, then download the Asus ATK driver from Asus download page, run the application, uninstall the package, reinstall it, and restart the computer. After that, the Asus touchpad should be working again.

See below a detailed guide on how to solve that issue of a disabled ASUS ZenBook touchpad.

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Enabling touchpad in Windows Settings

Starting by opening the Windows menu, search for the settings option by scrolling down the list of available applications. It is also possible to find it by searching for settings in the Windows search form.

How to Disable / Enable Touchpad on Windows 10 Laptop

The next step, once in the Windows settings, in order to reactivate a disabled touchpad, is to open the devices menu from the Windows settings. That menu will cover all options for BlueTooth devices, printers, and mouses - which includes the touchpad.

Disable/Enable the Touchpad -

Then, find the touchpad toggle option, which is available on the left side menu, below the mouse menu.

Then, simply turn back on the touchpad activation option on the touchpad settings. In most cases, the reason that the touchpad has been disabled is a mistake, and this is the easy way to solve the problem.

Once that option has been reactivated, try touching your touchpad and moving your mouse pointer, it should now be working out just fine.

ASUS Touchpad Not Working on Windows 10 [SOLVED] - Driver Easy

Why touchpad is not working

If the previous operation did not work out, then it might be an issue with the driver.

There are two solutions there. Start by visiting the laptop's manufacturer website, and downloading the latest driver.

Try installing the last driver version for touchpad and mouse, restart the laptop, and try again.

If that operation did not work out, try first to open the Windows device manager, find the touchpad option, which might be either under human interface devices section, or under the mouse section, and right click on it.

From there, try a driver update by following the options that will be displayed to you.

If that did not work out, try uninstalling the driver from the Windows device manager, and then installing back the latest version downloaded from the laptop manufacturer website. This should solve the problem.

In case the problem is still not solved, it might be that the touchpad is broken.

In that extreme situation, the only solution is to bring the laptop for reparation at a licensed repair point, the warranty might even work for that problem.

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Asus laptop touchpad not working

If the above solution didn’t work out for you, it might be because your drivers are outdated and must be updated in order to have your Asus laptop touchpad not working solved.

Start by visiting the Asus website, and finding the page related to your computer and operating system.

Asus drivers and manuals download page

Then, download the latest touchpad driver for your computer. Installing the driver and restarting your computer should solve the issue.

Asus initializeatkacpidevice returns false error message at startup – no more backlit keyboard backlight

If you get the error message initializeatkacpidevice returns false at startup of your Asus ZenPad notebook, and you have no more backlit keyboard backlight even when pressing the keyboard keys to activate the keyboard backlight, then the issue can easily be solved by downloading the ATK package on Asus support website.

Asus drivers and manuals download page

When the backlit keyboard light won’t turn on, download and install the ATK package directly from the Asus website. It will require the computer to restart in order to complete the installation.

After having installed the latest version of the ATK package, the error message initializeatkacpidevice returns false at startup should have disappeared, and the backlit keyboard light should now be working again!

Asus keyboard backlight not working: update ATK drivers

If your Asus keyboard backlight is not working anymore, and even pressing the FN+F4 keys have no effect, it might be either because the key is not working anymore, or because the Asus ATK driver has to be updated.

In the first case, the only solution is to change hotkeys, so that the ones you need are accessible on working keys, otherwise you can always change your keyboard, but that operation might be a bit expensive.

Asus: change hotkeys

In the second case, make sure that you have the latest Asus ATK package installed by opening your Windows apps list, checking the ATK version and comparing it with the latest one available on the Asus website. If another version more recent can be downloaded there, first uninstall the ATK package on your computer, restart it, download the latest Asus ATK package, install it, restart your computer... and finally start using the hotkeys FN+F4 to activate the Asus keyboard backlight on your computer!

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