Wordpress regenerate thumbnails

Wordpress regenerate thumbnails

Having been using the plugin Media File Renamer for quite some time with great success, it seems like with one of the latest updates, it cannot generate thumbnail anymore.

The solution to solve the missing pictures when Wordpress media library doesn't show images, is to find a way to regenerate thumbnails for Wordpress.

Wordpress Media File Renamer plugin

Wordpress thumbnails not showing

After adding a picture to a post, and saving the post, the image is renamed, but is not visible in the post anymore, nor the thumbnails in the media gallery. However, when editing the image in the post, and trying to edit the original image, it displays correctly, which is quite strange.

After disabling the plugin, deleting the pictures, and uploading them again, same problem : thumbnails do not display.

Cannot generate thumbnail solution

Two solutions are available : either install a Wordpress thumbnail plugin that will allow to regenerate the thumbnails like Regenerate Thumbnails (did not work in my case), or rename the images before uploading them again, solution which worked for me.

Wordpress regenerate thumbnails plugin

After renaming the files in Windows explorer, to have different names than the previous ones.

And uploading again the images in the post, they displayed again correctly, both in media gallery,

And in the image options :

Wordpress thumbnail generator

Another solution is to install a plugin that will allow to regenerate thumbnails, such as Wordpress regenerate thumbnails, but this solution does not work in all cases.

Also, it will require to manually trigger the regeneration of thumbnails for each image separately, one after the other. This process can very quickly take a huge amount of time, and might even not work at the end.

After having installed the plugin, in the media gallery, find the image to update, and click on regenerate thumbnails, to have the plugin automatically regenerate all possible thumbnails for that particular image.

By default, only the missing ones will be generated - however, it is possible to regenerate all of them, if necessary - for example when the previous pictures had errors, or if the original pictures has been updated in any way.

What does thumbnail mean

Thumbnail literally means the nail of the thumb, something reduced and small, literally.

In general, a second meaning is a very small description of something.

On Internet, it means the smallest version of a picture or a video, which is used to display them in a gallery or embed in a text. They are generally used as links to open more information about the corresponding object, or the full screen version.

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