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How to increase FTP upload speed FileZilla

It is possible to increase the FTP upload speed with FileZilla by increasing the number of simultaneous connections. It will also improve the download speed for the same reasons.

This trick will especially work well with many small files to upload, however, it won't help much with large FTP file transfer.

This is due to a simple reason, if the file upload time is shorter than the file transfer connection time, then it is better to increase the number of simultaneous connections.

For large files, the most bandwidth is likely being used anyway, limit being internet connection and server limit.

That is why the number of simultaneous connections should not be more than 10, or this might actually overload the server, and even if possible, would most likely not bring any improvement.

FileZilla FTP client

FileZilla multiple connections

In order to change the number of simultaneous connections on FileZilla, open the menu Settings under the Edit menu.

There, navigate to the Transfers menu, in which you will find the Maximum simultaneous transfers, which is by default set to 2.

It is possible to increase it to as much as 10 transfers at the same time, select the number that works best for you.

How to increase upload speed

After having selected and applied the settings, the transfers, if small files, will automatically go faster, as it won't be necessary to wait so long for server connection establishment for each file, therefore improving the FileZilla upload speed.

How to speed up FileZilla

The  FTP client‌  FileZilla is one of the fastest  FTP client‌  and one of the fastest SFTP client.

If you face FileZilla slow upload, check the FileZilla setup to increase the number of concurrent connections in order to increase upload speed but also to increase download speed.

FileZilla too many connections

When facing the error FileZilla too many connections from this IP, or the FTP error 421 too many connections, it means that the number of simultaneous connections should be reduced.

Go in the FileZilla settings as explained above, and reduce that number.

Another solution could be to increase the number of connections allowed by the server, but this is more technical and most likely won't be allowed by the web host.

Filezilla: configure multiple connections

In order on Filezilla to configure multiple connections, follow below steps:

1. Setup a file upload,

2. Go to File > Settings > Transfers,

3. Change the allowed number of simultaneous connections,

4. Enjoy faster file uploads with FileZilla configured multiple connections!

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Filezilla: configure multiple connections for faster upload

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