Windows 10 Texts Disappeared: Solve It Fast

Experiencing texts not displaying properly on Windows 10 after some specific updates, and especially with one of the latest Microsoft Office updates, when opening MS Excel files that are saved on OneDrive cloud?

Windows 10 no text anywhere - what to do?

Experiencing texts not displaying properly on Windows 10 after some specific updates, and especially with one of the latest  Microsoft Office   updates, when opening  MS Excel   files that are saved on OneDrive cloud?

This issue is probably due to the latest updates to both  Microsoft Office   and the Microsoft OneDrive cloud that might mess up the system.

See below the easiest way to solve this issue quickly, which will however most likely require at least one computer restart.

Open command prompt as administrator

Start to solve the issue of Windows 10 explorer text missing by searching for the command prompt program, using Window search function, and typing either simply CMD, or starting to type the letters for command prompt.

Once the command prompt app is displayed, right click on it to run as administrator.

However, if you are experiencing the Windows program texts not displayed anymore error, you might just not be able to use the command prompt at all, as no text is displayed, and it is impossible to write down anything in the window.

In that case, the only solution is to restart your computer, by using the Windows menu restart option.

Windows 10 text not displaying and apps not working - Microsoft

Run SFC scan in command prompt

Once the computer has restarted, try again to open the command prompt app as an administrator.

If text is displayed, you are now able to use the program and start a scan.

Enter below code, and validate with enter key.

SFC /scannow

This will begin the system scan that might some system issues that got into your computer after some WIndows updates.

Once the process is over, which will take time depending on your system, but approximately 5 minutes, the output should display that some system issues has been solved.

A log is available at given path on your computer in case you want to check it, but it is very technical and might not bring you much information.

FIX: All text is missing from Windows 10

Run a DISM clean

After the SFC scan, in the same command prompt window, run another program that might solve additional issues on your computer.

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

This program will check if any component store are corrupted, and would correct them if necessary.

Check for system updates

Before restarting your computer and having the changes applied, one last step might be to check your system for possible updates that have been created in the meanwhile.

In the Windows search bar, search for the check for updates program and open it.

There, if any system update is available, they will be displayed.

DOwnload them and install them as soon as possible, as they might also solve additional issues with your computer, and eventually with your  Microsoft Office   suite and related OneDrive cloud issues.

After the updates have been installed, restart to computer to have the updates applied on your computer.

Almost all text is missing from windows 10 Solved - Windows 10 Forums

Text displayed again in explorer and MS Excel

After having restarted your computer, and after having run these different solutions, the text display should be back in your applications such as Microsoft Office, the on screen keyboard, the text in WIndows explorer.

It should also not be a problem anymore to open  MS Excel   files that are stored on Microsoft OneDrive cloud and that were before causing the WIndows explorer to crash.

Skill up on Microsoft products

Learn the basic of Microsoft Windows and the  MS Office   suite products with online courses such as the online learning path  Microsoft Office   Productivity.

You can get important skills to use these products and be able to solve yourself common issues such as the one described in this article, the Task Manager text missing in Windows 10 and missing in other programs, which is usuall the result of wrong management of the programs installed on your computer.

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