Cashalot.Bet (Sub-)Affiliate Program Review

CASHALOT Affiliate Program Review

A properly built affiliate program in a bookmaker's office can become a guarantee not only of stable earnings for users of such a program, but also of obtaining benefits for the company itself. That is why the CASHALOT affiliate program is set up to obtain maximum mutual benefit for all its participants.

Due to the fact that this bookmaker has successfully established itself among users, a large number of players and people placing bets are interested in participating in the program and receiving additional benefits. So how does this all work?

Why do we need affiliate programs from bookmakers

The CASHALOT partner is committed to attracting as many other users as possible to this program. By themselves, affiliate programs from bookmakers are configured to ensure that active users invite other users to the system, and most importantly, that these users are active and place bets in the system. Everyone will benefit from this - both those who invite users to the system, and the bookmaker itself, and even these very new users, since they also get the opportunity to invite partners to the system and receive benefits from them.

In order to successfully advertise a particular betting site, the user must have some kind of resource. It can be your own website or a personal blog with a specific topic, where you can post an invitation link with the help of advertising or posting articles with a specific topic. Those users who see such a link will be registered and will begin to “be active” in the new system, in this case, place bets or play in a casino or roulette, and they will be the partners from whom you will receive income.

The most popular way of distributing a referral link for a bookmaker is its own website on the topic of betting or sports events. The most important thing is that such a site has a lively and active audience, but this must be tracked in advance and engaged in the correct promotion of your own site.

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Based on the data of referral programs of different companies, we can conclude that the more referral users are brought, the less income from them will depend on whether their bets win or not. It turns out that anyone who agrees to participate in such a program is interested in bringing in as many users as possible. This is also beneficial for the bookmaker, as it gets users potentially interested in betting on various events.

Payments from affiliate programs can be performed by any known methods, the most common of which is withdrawal to a bank card. Most often, users use this particular option, however, all known popular virtual money wallets are available for withdrawal from self-respecting bookmakers. If many of these methods are not available in the option for withdrawing money, you should think about the honesty and legality of the company.

In addition, many bookmakers have restrictions on the withdrawal of the amount from the referral partnership. It is better to familiarize yourself with the terms of the program in advance, so that later it does not become an unpleasant surprise when you want to receive your money.

What is remarkable about the CASHALOT company

The CASHALOT partner has a number of advantages. In addition to the fact that he has the opportunity to attract referrals and have passive earnings from them, he has the opportunity to place bets on a variety of sports events. There is an opportunity to place bets on virtual sports. The meaning of this bet is that a person does not analyze the possible outcomes of events himself and makes a decision about which bet to place and on whom, but relies on artificial intelligence. AI has a huge base of event outcomes for all possible years, thanks to this information, it manages to calculate a profitable rate and, with a high degree of probability, determine in this way who will win in a particular event.

By themselves, affiliate programs are a legal and easy way to monetize your website traffic. The most important condition is that the site must be of a sports orientation, or with a topic about sports or virtual games.

What Can I Play?: blog about video games

This is important for the reason that such a site will be visited by those users who are potentially interested in the betting topic and are likely to register and become active CASHALOT users.

Winners Odds: blog about betting online with bookmakers affiliate links online betting affiliate program

This program is beneficial for absolutely all of its participants. Naturally, in the first place, the CASHALOT bookmaker itself benefits. For her, this program is an opportunity to attract new users who will place bets, and as you know, the profit of the office depends on the margin, it does not matter to her whether the users won or lost. Secondly, participation in such a program is beneficial for already active users, since it is a completely legal way to monetize the traffic of your own website. Thirdly, it is beneficial for those users who have just joined the system. Now they also have the opportunity to invite users via a referral link and receive passive income.

The most important thing is how much income you can expect from attracting users. CASHALOT offers five percent of the profits from sub-affiliates involved in the affiliate program. This is a fairly advantageous offer, given that you can invite an unlimited number of users, as well as monetize your own website in this way.

There are two possible deals for the partner to choose from:

Hybrid deal (CPA + RevShare): $ 30 CPA for $ 5 base deposit + 30% Revshare

CPA: cost per action, payment for specific consumers who have confirmed interest in products by specific actions

CPA will depend on the country of origin of the traffic: Ukraine, CIS countries, Vietnam - $ 30, Germany - $ 60.

The hybrid deal is remarkable in that only specific actions on the advertiser's website are paid for.

Revshare: 45% of what players lose to the platform

Revshare is used only for verified, high-quality traffic, the advertiser must be sure that he will receive just such traffic.

Revshare: division of income - when a partner earns from a partnership not a fixed amount, but in an interest rate online betting sub affiliation program

On top of that, by joining (for free!) the sub-affiliate program, you will automatically get a sub-affiliate link, that will allow you to earn 5% of the commissions of any subaffiliate that you bring to the network.

Therefore, you can earn in two different ways with their affiliation program:

In conclusion: is a great betting sub-affiliate program?

Thus, based on what is written in the article, we can conclude that the affiliate program is very beneficial for its users. This is due not only to the fact that the bookmaker offers its users favorable terms of cooperation, but also to the fact that the bookmaker itself has won an excellent reputation in its niche due to the transparency of its activities and extensive functionality.

★★★★⋆ Cashalot.Bet (Sub-)Affiliate Program Review With both a referral program for clients and one for other affiliates, we can conclude that the affiliate program is very beneficial for its users. With a long term cooperation, it is possible to earn lifetime commissions in various ways.

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