Best Sub-Affiliate Networks for Display Advertising

Best Sub-Affiliate Networks for Display Advertising

Currently there are quite a lot of sub-partners of display advertising, but not all companies are ready to offer favorable conditions for cooperation and earnings. However, there are three companies that are quite widely known on the market, which will be considered in this material.

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What are affiliate and referral programs for?

Affiliate programs are created for two parties - for those who have some kind of product or service, information about which needs to be disseminated, and for those who can deal with this distribution. The system is designed in such a way that the one who disseminates information, through participation in an affiliate program, receives a part of the company's income.

Many affiliate programs also include a referral system, or the affiliate program itself, and implies the presence of conditions for referrals. The difference is that according to the referral program, it is important not only to advertise, but also to bring a new user into the system, and as a rule, he must fulfill some certain conditions in order for the person who brought him to receive his money.

Working with affiliate links is easy enough. After successful registration in the affiliate program, a special personal account becomes available. In this office, you can see all the necessary information, as well as those very special individual links. In such a link there is a special identifier by which the system determines from whom exactly a new user or customer came.

The only inconvenience is that the system does not remember the user personally, but the device from which he followed the link. If he suddenly changed his phone, and then returned to the site, but no longer by reference, then such a client of course will not be paid. But this will not be a big problem if, thanks to the frequent placement of links, new users are constantly coming.

Affiliate programs are beneficial both for those who have a product or service, and for those who do not have either one or the other. The first profitable affiliate program is that their product or service is advertised. For the second, such programs are beneficial because you can start making money on the Internet without any investment.

What Are Sub-Affiliate Networks?

Ezoic sub-partner program

The Ezoic sub-affiliate program is very convenient and profitable for its users. In addition to the fact that with the help of this company you can make good money on advertising, you can take part in their affiliate program at will.

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There are two types of earnings with this system:

  • In the first case, the user receives income for attracting new customers with the help of a personal link. For this, three percent of the income of the attracted client will be paid;
  • In the second case, one percent of the referral's income is paid if this referral becomes a member of the affiliate program.

AdSterra sub-affiliate program

The AdSterra Sub-Affiliate Program is an exclusive, high converting offer. To participate in the program, you need to go through a simple registration, after which a personal referral link will become available.

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What will be the income in this affiliate program?

  • With this sub-affiliate program, you can earn five percent of the income of publishers who came to the AdSterra system, and this income is forever.

PropellerAds sub-partner program

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The PropellerAds sub-partner program is aimed at ensuring that mobile advertising is literally all over the world, and most importantly, that it is of high quality.

Due to the fact that the company is known all over the world, traffic is monetized very quickly and according to the maximum parameters. In addition, the system is designed so that it can perform automatic automation.

What kind of advertising is available to PropellerAds users?

  • First, it's a clickunder. Here it is paid for the number of ad impressions. This type of ad opens in a full-size window under an open browser window; the user does not see it until he closes the main window. The CPM for this ad is significantly higher than for other ad formats. By using a clickander, you can increase your income from their views by two hundred percent.
  • Secondly, it is mobile advertising. During the development of information technology and smartphones, literally every fifth in the world views information on the Internet from a mobile device. If the banner is adapted for a mobile device, it will save from the creation of a full-size mobile version of the site, but at the same time users will be pleased that the advertisement has been optimized for their device and the advertisement does not interfere with viewing the main information on the site.
  • Thirdly, it is video advertising. This is suitable for those users who publish various videos and similar content on their sites and blogs.
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Thanks to the use of PropellerAds, it is possible to get one hundred percent traffic monetization. As for money, with the help of this company you can earn the following money:

  1. Pay per thousand impressions from one and a half to three dollars.
  2. As for the income from the referral program, its partner will receive five percent of the deductions.
  3. In addition, the minimum amount for withdrawing funds is one hundred dollars.

In conclusion: what is the Best Sub Affiliate Program for Display Advertising?

Affiliate networks for advertisers is the placement of advertising on third-party sites.

This is your opportunity to passively earn money and attract a positive audience.

In essence, affiliate marketing is a technology within which you work. And this technology is combined with the ad payment model you want. This is your offer, in which you lure to your site.

The best sub-affiliate program for display advertising is provided by PropellerAds. It is this company that has many different individual solutions, and it also optimizes advertising for mobile versions of sites, this allows you to achieve one hundred percent traffic monetization.

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