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Being able to connect with people early in the buying process, before they know their needs, is the best strategy for a business. Therefore, company marketers are actively targeting social media. Among all platforms for communication of interests, Facebook deserves special attention. Depending on the industry, with quality preparation, the price of an advertising campaign here can be relatively cheap. In addition, Facebook ads have other benefits:

Effective facebook promotion with free targeting tools

Being able to connect with people early in the buying process, before they know their needs, is the best strategy for a business. Therefore, company marketers are actively targeting social media. Among all platforms for communication of interests, Facebook deserves special attention. Depending on the industry, with quality preparation, the price of an advertising campaign here can be relatively cheap. In addition, Facebook ads have other benefits:

  • Companies are easy to track.
  • Instant increase in the number of visitors.
  • Full control over your daily budget and maximum CPC.
  • Instant return on investment.
  • Lots of targeting options. They are easier to set up than Google ads.

But the ever-changing search algorithm on this social networking site can be a problem. Reaching users too early in the purchase cycle has the potential to reduce conversion rates. Therefore, to reach the right users, FB offers extensive targeting options.

Facebook targeting

Targeting is an accurate appeal to target groups in internet marketing. The ability to target users by demographic characteristics such as location, gender or age, and by interests, behavior, life events, and many other factors. Thanks to the micro-targeting features, advertising campaigns reach the exact target group, deliver the message to the very people who are most useful for your products or services.

To get an idea of ​​the audience, they analyze:

  • Demographic data (age, gender, nationality, geolocation, languages ​​they speak, and more).
  • The days of the week and the time of day when they are most active.
  • Their interests.

Priority areas for targeting FB:

  1. Interests, as they allow you to target people interested in a topic related to an advertising product. Facebook's built-in functionality offers users related topics of interest.
  2. Behavioral targeting allows you to reach people based on their purchase history, likes, personal anniversaries, and more. This data is collected by Facebook using built-in analysis tools as well as using external datasets. For example, targeting makes sense for the travel industry: to look for users who are traveling now or planning their next trip.
  3. Custom Audience - A targeting option that uses customer lists, website traffic, app traffic, or Facebook interactions. They are used to find people who already know your business.

Most newbies use demographic targeting to create their first ad campaigns. This type is a good place to start, however, ads are likely to be shown mostly to uninterested Facebook users.

Why is it needed

The best social media analytics practice is to understand who your audience is and what they are looking for. Understanding them will allow you to adapt your activities on social networks to them, instead of using a wide network. If you do not know who these people are, it is difficult to give them what they need. Otherwise, there is a risk that the target audience will ignore your social media branding advertising efforts.

The main goal is to use the facebook targeting tool for free: each segment should receive personalized content and promotions that interest them.

How else can you find out about your audience?

Use an advanced third-party social media analytics tool to perform real-time social media searches and collect actionable data. Analysis of such data

If you want to outperform your competitors, you need to target super specific keywords in your niche to increase your engagement and reach.

Free targeting tools. General market overview

What are your Facebook marketing goals? Want to increase your subscribers? Or focused on hyper-targeting your competitors? Whatever your goals, it's best to have the best marketing tool with you. This is beneficial not only in terms of your ad budget, but also in terms of conversions and ROI. You only pay for your most valuable leads

Built-in must-have tools:

  • Facebook Pixel is an ad management software component for any online business. Once installed on a website, Pixel is used to create, optimize and measure custom audiences, and create and automate dynamic ads
  • Facebook Ads Manager helps you set up the right demographics or the right group of people.
  • The most important step in digital advertising is to create the right target audience. You can quickly create and manage your target audience with Facebook Audience Insights artificial intelligence algorithms that provide rich insights into users in general and who are connected to your FB page. Checking your audience information every few weeks will open up new opportunities for better ad targeting. Also, try playing with filters to narrow your audience.

Pros of built-in tools:

  • Free for an indefinite period.
  • Possibility to choose interests or other settings in the package.
  • Functionality that tracks competitors' materials and niche creatives,
  • The ability to apply results to promotional materials in one click.
  • built-in restrictions. It is impossible to fully explore the target groups or customize them for yourself.

Third party tools

Third party tools are being developed for comprehensive management. Targeting is one of the possible basic functions. For example:

Cross Border Insights Finder is useful for companies exploring new markets, as it allows you to compare the current market with possible ones, to understand the potential of the industry. It allows you to compare statistics of advertising campaigns from different countries

BuzzSumo, built for social media platforms, lets you search for popular topics and keywords to build a list of content ideas. The ability to leverage insights, track your performance, and identify influencers to lean on.

AdEspresso. Get easy access to your customers' accounts. Provides multiple targeting technologies. For example, the Dynamic Ads feature allows you to show different ads to different customers based on the segments you define.

Zalster uses artificial intelligence to optimize bids, budgets, and targeting to maximize your ROI. It also covers other platforms including Instagram and Pinterest. Has a control panel for tracking the progress of advertising campaigns using a graphical medium and integrates with Slack to deliver updates in real time.

Every social media management and analytics tool developed has targeting capabilities built in. Among them: WASK, Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Socedo, Yotpo, Socialbakers, Sprinklr, Hootsuite, Buffer, Rignite, Oktopost and others. They combine rich social media management functionality on one platform to help users complete multiple tasks:

  • Content curation and planning.
  • Analytics and monitoring.
  • Automatic promotion of the most effective content.

To summarize briefly, there are advantages to using them:

  • One dashboard to create, edit and track metrics from multiple Facebook pages in seconds.
  • Facebook's AI-powered marketing tool to find the perfect target audience for your ad.
  • Full integration with Facebook Pixel and WordPress.
  • Great design tool with free templates, images and layers section.
  • Time-saving automation tools.
  • Increase conversions and click-through rates.
  • Not all of them are easy to use and require no special skills.
  • The free version is limited to 7 to 30 days.
  • Not everyone has a mobile app or works well on mobile browsers.

Which is better and why

Initially, basic business needs are in dire need of the ability to target and re-target the right group of people for conversion in the first place. That is, convert Facebook ads into real potential customers and, with minimal special knowledge, be at the top of analytics. Even if there is no way to pay for the services of a professional internet marketer, always start by researching the main audience, for example using, and then move on to a customized and similar audience. Use highly specialized tools for this.

The FB platform offers a competitive marketing landscape. Businesses and brands can get their messages across to the right people based on age, location, gender, interests, and more. How it works? If you set up Facebook ads to increase e-commerce sales by selecting Interested Buyers, you can reach people who clicked the Buy Now button in the previous week. Check out the best targeting research tools.

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Optimize your time by easily adding new unused leads to your ad sets. Find lucrative untapped interests that other marketers and business owners didn't know about. The program offers opportunities to effectively beat the competition.

Short description: is an automated AI tool that discovers interests your competitors will never find.

The built-in layering feature allows you to hyper-target the hottest fans in any niche.

Know in advance the exact targeting interests in your analyzed interests so there is no guesswork. Speed ​​up your research by saving hours of manual labor. Just enter a broad subject and get a list of hyper-targeted interests. ConnectExplore is directly integrated with your Facebook account.

  • A powerful search engine by interests will find a motivated audience.
  • Search for several keywords at the same time. The auto-suggestion feature finds all related keywords when searching.
  • The ability to expand your search.
  • Convenient layout and toolbar.
  • Supports foreign languages ​​(43),
  • Has more room to target underserved markets.
  • 30 days free trial
  • Complex functionality

А overview

AdTargeting is the best interest targeting tool. It allows you to discover hidden or niche interests of a huge Facebook audience by keywords and maximize your ROI on Facebook marketing targeting.

The blog link from the official website contains tips on how to view and analyze information, use the selected filter, research the parameters of advertising of a more successful competitor and its target audience, or avoid mistakes of local marketers. Specific recommendations on the use of the tool for the sports sector, for authors, restaurateurs, realtors, the beauty industry, local businesses, retirement programs and others.

  • Own search robots working with an independent database. Do not use links with other search engines or similar services to use their data.
  • All AdTargeting data is updated in real time.
  • Visibility of results. Convenient graphs or charts.
  • AdTargeting provides search in 5 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German.
  • The top chart shows a list of the most popular interests or keywords by different selections. This will help you save time and choose the most appropriate options.
  • Gives audience sizes without any restrictions such as geolocation, demographics, or placement.
  • The free basic plan has limited functionality. There are paid modules for advertisers and top interests.
  • The trial period for the full version involves switching to a tariff plan.
  • There is no way to directly cancel your tariff plan. If you want to change your plan, first cancel your current subscription and then re-subscribe to another one.
  • There is no way to update your card information directly. You must first cancel your current subscription.


In simple words, the word target means a goal. That is, targeted advertising is advertising that is aimed at a specific segment of the audience. Based on publicly available information, the system gathers a group to display ads based on the specified criteria.

The technology of targeted advertising is based on the receipt and processing of information about users of social networks. She works with a vast array of data, and then divides people into categories. As a result of the targeting tool, an ad is created that takes into account the information entered by the user and his interests.

Free Facebook ad tools are a godsend for small businesses that can't afford a generous ad budget. They help you get noticed on social media. However, brands using free tools should be aware that there are limitations for free versions and basic functionality.

Better to experiment, test and improve your Facebook ad targeting strategy for better results over time! Brands looking for more advanced and complex ad campaigns should consider upgrading to a paid plan. In addition, targeting is built into most comprehensive social media management tools, including Facebook. The right tools can help you increase the profitability of your campaigns by offering more information, automating your work, and using your budget efficiently.

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