Facebook like as your page

When managing a Facebook page, facebook business page, or fanpage facebook, it is possible to like other pages as your page.

How to like pages as a page

When managing a Facebook page, facebook business page, or fanpage facebook, it is possible to like other pages as your page.

This is actually only possible on desktop site, facebook mobile like as page is not possible on the mobile application, see below how to go to the website.

Facebook how to like as a business page

To do so, open facebook web page, logged in as a user able to manage a Facebook page.

There, click on the three dots button on the right of the recommend button, which will display the  like as your page   option.

To like the page as your own page, select which one of your pages should be the one to like, in case you administer more that one.

After having selected the page, click on accept.

The page visited has now been liked as your own page, or in other words added to favorites of the selected page. This is how to like a page on facebook from another page, or how to like facebook pages from a business page.

This is the way to show partners or other businesses that your own fb business has an interest in them.

How to like a page on facebook mobile

In order to like as a facebook page on smartphone, open your browser, and not the application, and select the Request desktop site option. You can then follow above procedure.

What is a page on facebook

A facebook page is a way to promote your fb business, facebook fanpage, or any specific thing this is not yourself personally.

What happens when you like a facebook page

The page administrators will be notified or your fb like, and you will see the related posts more often in your newsfeed.

Facebook like as your page

In order to do a Facebook like as your page, open the page you want to like > three dots menu button >  like as your page   > select page.

This will allow your Facebook page to  like as your page   another page, instead of your own profile.

How to leave a page on Facebook

To leave a page on Facebook, you have two choices: unfollow it, which will stop the page notifications, or unlike it, which will close all connections you have with the page.

Open the page you want to leave > liked > unlike this page, or open the page > following > unfollow this page, in order to leave a page on Facebook.

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