Wordpress bulk rename images for SEO optimisation

Wordpress bulk rename images

For a better WordPress SEO website optimization, but also not to share your local files names, especially for pictures / images media, and avoid sharing bad names like 11-finalresult.png in the example, but having a nicer ms-excel-2013-how-to-make-a-table-look-good-resize-columns-to-fit-content.png instead, an easy solution is to use an image renamer plugin for WordPress.

Using a media renamer will change file names in bulk, in order to get SEO friendly images. When images have meaningful names, which represents what they are about, they get a better ranking on Google.

The best file renamer, which is a good and simple solution is to use the plugin Media File Renamer, a file renamer free for WordPress simple usage.

It can also become an advanced file renamer by getting the PRO Version, starting at 19$US.

WordPress Media File Renamer

Media File Renamer

Once installed, go in the Media File Renamer plugin Settings, where we will be able to rename multiple files, and especially to batch rename images in order to do some image optimization SEO on  the WordPress‌  site.

Once in the options of the automatic file renamer, make sure the option Rename On Save is checked. This will ensure that however your files are named, once attached to your posts, they will be automatically renamed with the title you have put in the description.

This will be a great WordPress SEO optimization, as all the images files will get a meaningful name, based on the title of the image, with text instead of random characters or image creation date for example.

Batch rename files

Don't forget to also batch change file names for the images already uploaded on your WordPress installation during previous posts creation.

Go to Media => File Renamer, and click the Scan All & Show Issues to see which files could use a rename. Click the Rename flagged media to have these files with issue renamed.

You can also click the Unlock & Rename all ABC media to have all your media renamed.

The later is advised in order to make sure that all the images on  the WordPress‌  installation are properly optimized for Search Engine Optimization SEO.

Best SEO plugin for WordPress

There are several plugins for WordPress which will help you improve the SEO of your blog, in order to attract more visitors and get a better ranking on Google, but also to provide a better service to the Internet users that would come across some of your content in general.

To optimize images, see the Media File Renamer plugin. For general SEO, see the most famous SEO plugins such as YOAST SEO, or JetPack.

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WordPress Media File Renamer
YOAST SEO WordPress plugin
JetPack WordPress plugin

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