Facebook page widget WordPress

If you want to share or include a Facebook page on your WordPress blog, or on any website, it is pretty simple.

Import Facebook posts to WordPress

If you want to share or include a Facebook page on your WordPress blog, or on any website, it is pretty simple.

First of all, go to the Facebook page you'd like to share, for example  MiMorena Beachwear   website connected Facebook page, and copy the URL from the browser's address bar.

Go to the Facebook's Page Plugin from the Social Plugins of Facebook for developers - you might have to setup an account and eventually to create an app.

Facebook page plugin
Facebook social plugins
Facebook for developers

Facebook page embed WordPress

Scroll down, and paste the Facebook's page URL in the corresponding field Facebook Page URL :

Play with the options - the visual ones will be reflected in the visualization field (small header, hide cover photo ...), and you can scroll down to see more advanced options.

Scroll down again, and click on the Get Code button.

If you have a website, and use heavily the option, you might want to use use the JavaScript SDK option.

JavaScript SDK details

If you have a WordPress site, aren't familiar with coding, or only want to include a Facebook's page once, click on the second tab, IFrame sharing option, and copy the code. No need for a Facebook page plugin WordPress!

Embed Facebook page

In your WordPress (or your website), once in Post edit mode, switch from Visual editing to Text editing. Find the place where you'd like to add the Facebook page, and paste the previous code of the Facebook page IFrame.

Publish or Schedule your post, and view your post - the Facebook embed page is now included in your post, just like below!

How to embed Facebook page on website

To include a Facebook page on your website, it is pretty similar. Follow above steps, where you'll get the Facebook page HTML code for website, which should be included in the HTML code of your website. And that's it, you have included the Iframe Facebook page on website !

How to publish Facebook page

Follow instructions above to embed Facebook feed on your website, by pasting the Facebook embed code, also called IFrame code, directly in the HTML code of your website.

The Facebook embed widget will automatically publish Facebook page on your website.

This is one way how to promote your Facebook page, in case you have access to the source code of other websites, in which you can embed Facebook feed on website.

Facebook feed on website example

HTML Element on Wikipedia
Text editor on Wikipedia

Facebook page widget WordPress

Several  Facebook page widget   WordPress are available, all of them allowing to share Facebook pages that you do not manage on WordPress. However, if you do own the Facebook page, the best way to share it on a WordPress website is to use the Facebook page plugin on Facebook for developers.

Facebook page widget WordPress Responsive Facebook Page Plugin
Facebook page widget WordPress Simple Facebook Page Widget & Shortcode
Facebook page widget WordPress Facebook Page Widget

Import Facebook posts to WordPress

The best way to import Facebook posts to WordPress is to use a WordPress plugin that will do it for you, simply and effortlessly. However, some of them only work with Facebook pages, and do not work with personal posts. To import personal Facebook posts to WordPress, the best way is most likely to copy and paste them manually.

Import Facebook posts to WordPress with Facebook to WordPress
Import Facebook posts to WordPress with Recent Facebook Posts

What is a Facebook page widget, how to get embed Facebook feed into website or Wordpress blog?

Facebook page widget   is a way to put on your website, or for example on your Wordpress blog, to include the newsfeed from a Facebook page of  Facebook business page   simply by including the corresponding  Facebook page widget   in your webpage.

The  embed Facebook feed into website   that will be displayed from the  Facebook page widget   will get the latest information and posts from the corresponding Facebook page, and display them directly on your website. All you have to do, is to implement the proper  Facebook page widget   wherever you like, for example on the sidebar of your Wordpress blog!

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