How to Choose a Server For a Social Media Site?

Social media sites rule the world of online advertising. They collect significant advertising revenues as they have substantial active users. They have a tremendous impact on literally every human on earth who has access to the internet; social media have become an essential part of people's life. Most of the social media giants have emerged in the last 15 years, so many entrepreneurs have dreamed of achieving great success by creating new social media websites.

Your social media website may have taken inspiration from social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Maybe, you are following a new path by creating a new type of social media site for different users. Whatever might be your strategy, there is one thing that plays the most vital part in the success of your social media site that is to select a correct web hosting solution.

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The selection of an ideal hosting method for your social media site will either make or break your website. We will discuss which type of server to choose to host your social media site in detail. There are various options available in the market; they range from cheap but slow shared hosting solutions to a high performing,  cheap dedicated server in USA. ‌ 

The  type of web hosting ‌  solution that you will select for your social media site ultimately depends on your traffic load. Shared hosting works only at lesser traffic levels. Virtual Private Server (VPS) works for moderate traffic levels; your social media site will need a dedicated server USA if you want to become the next big thing in the world of social media websites.

We will look in detail about four vital factors that will determine server selection for your social media site.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Server for a Social Media Site:

You will need a fast social media website so that your users will have a fantastic experience while browsing. Your social media site should have a very high uptime. Scalability and security against threats are some other main factors that you should consider before selecting the desired server.

1) Your social media website should have fast speed:

Nowadays, internet users demand a fast loading social media site. Your web pages should load quickly without any lag. If there is waiting involved for a user due to a slow website, then there is a high probability that the user will leave your website and go someplace else. It will adversely affect the growth of your social media site.

Web page loading speeds depend on lots of factors; they include bandwidth, web design, hosting location, server load, and more. You have to look for a fast web host; you have to calculate your bandwidth requirement. If your site allows the sharing of videos and images, then your site will need high bandwidth.

Your website will place resource demand on the server; your host should be able to meet that server load. Ideally, your host should have servers located all around the world if you get traffic from everywhere. All of these factors determine how fast your website will run. You will get high speeds from the best dedicated server USA.

2) Your social media website should be stable with high uptime:

Internet users hate any hindrance that will make them miss the latest updates on social media due to downtime. If your social media site is frequently down, then users will avoid using your site. You must select such a web hosting company that will guarantee almost 100% uptime.

Many service providers of a dedicated server in USA will notify you in case there is downtime; they will also take immediate action. Many host companies, even providing a cheap dedicated server in USA, will also have 24*7 customer care support.

While you might want to focus on getting a cheap social media server‌ in order to lower your costs, you will probably get servers with a better uptime and backup solution by selecting an higher tier hosting.

3) Your social media website should be scalable:

There is a need to have a plan in case your social media website grows exponentially. From the example of other social media websites success stories, when your site shows growth, you will need significant resources like storage, bandwidth, processor power, and RAM.

You must select such a service provider who can scale up effortlessly whenever your website needs higher resources. A dedicated server in USA offers excellent scalability; here, you can scale up with ease to meet any surge in traffic.

4) Your website hosting provider should offer excellent security against various threats:

Your social media website like Facebook, Instagram will have access to sensitive data‌ from many users. It becomes very critical that you should safeguard this data against various threats. You must select such a web host that offers the necessary tools to fight against threats.

Your web host should offer tools like firewalls, SSL, malware detection, protection against DDoS attacks, and more. You must take all necessary steps to protect private user information.


Social networks are useful in that you can find information from the primary source in them: both an individual and certain institutions and organizations; to tell your opinion. You can also create and find interest groups there, use them as a platform to promote your content or products.

Choosing the right social network server will help you achieve all your online goals.

We have discussed in detail about factors you should consider before choosing the server for your social media website. There are some additional factors that you should pay attention to; your website may need specific software, then your web host must be capable of running it.

You may start initially with VPS servers or cloud hosting when your social media website is smaller. When your website grows, then you will need a dedicated server in USA. Dedicated hosting offers you high speeds, almost 100% uptime, excellent scalability, and security against all types of online threats. This hosting solution will be ideal for your growing social media website.

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