How to redirect Godaddy domain to another website

A domain name bought and administered on Go Daddy can easily redirect to another website, hosted at another registrar. See below how to configure your account to have a domain name from the GoDaddy auction redirected to another server.

Godaddy redirect domain to another url

domain name   bought and administered on  Go Daddy   can easily redirect to another website, hosted at another registrar. See below how to configure your account to have a  domain name   from the  GoDaddy auction   redirected to another server.

GoDaddy redirect domain to website

After having bought a  domain name   on the  GoDaddy auction   service, the domain will be transferred from the previous owner to the new owner, an operation that results in ICANN domain registration change, to reflect the new owner details.

These details are accessible when performing a whois request, which means asking the Internet server what are the administrative and technical details of a specific domain name.

The transfer request complete, for a specific domain name, it is time to get it to show some web page!

Start by going to your  Go Daddy   account, and login on the website, if not already done.

In the  Go Daddy   account, select the Manage my domains menu from the quick links.

It will take you to a page where all the domains that are owned by the account are listed, and can be administered.

For now, all we want to do is to change the domain DNS (Domain Name Server) to redirect to our hosting service, which is on another server than  Go Daddy   ones.

Click on the Manage DNS option under the gear icon for the domain to redirect.

GoDaddy redirect domain

Here, the DNS will be listed, which are by default the ones from Go Daddy, which might differ by domain name.

Go Daddy being a huge registrar, not all domain names can be managed by the same DNS servers, therefore pay attention to use the right ones when referring to the  Go Daddy   DNS servers.

Here, the DNS records from the website hosting service have to be entered. These are given when buying a hosting service, and are different per service and domain.

The name server can be kept, but it is important to modify the A records, for @ which is the root website address, and for example for WWW, which is a subdomain, and any other subdomain.

That way, it is possible to tell  Go Daddy   to redirect every subdomain to a different server for example.

Domain redirect DNS

After a while, up to 24 hours for the DNS configuration to replicate worldwide, and if the target hosting service has been accordingly configured, the website should show up when accessing the new domain name.

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