Which web hosting services for small business do you need?

Web design and hosting for small business

Small business owners might not always be experts in anything related to Internet, and it might seem like a huge loss of time and money to maybe invest in something that won't bring any added value to your small business.

However, by using services such as HostPapa that is a full  service Web hosting‌  company, you might be able at one place to manage all your digital needs, thus allowing you to save time, to save money by using only the top class products that you need - and nothing more, and on top of that by increasing your business with these great and easy to use tools that will take your business to a new level.

So, what do you really need to take your business fully digital, and not only allow all your employees - or yourself for freelance companies - to work fully remotely and be more productive?

HostPapa Is a Full Service Web Hosting Company: Business Class Hosting: Optimized WordPress Hosting, Basic and Advanced Email Hosting, Premium Cloud Backup, Free SSL Certificates, Free Domain, Office 365, GMail G Suite, DIFM - Website Design and Management Service 

1. Business Class Hosting

First of all, the basic of an Internet presence for your business is to have business class hosting - but what does that mean?

A business class hosting is a server that you access remotely, that belongs another company - a webhost such as  HostPapa hosting‌  company - that has a computer connected full time to Internet, that serves your website.

You access it remotely, put your websites on it, and it is managed by the web host.

Usually, different plans are available, that include a domain name registered with the account, and the possibility to host several websites on one server.

Nowadays, the hard disk storage along with the data transfer is unlimited on such business class hosting services, so all you have to do is to select the hosting plan that meets your needs.

2. Optimized WordPress Hosting

If you don't have your own website, and want to run a  Wordpress blog‌  for your business only, it might be more interested for you to select an  optimized WordPress‌  hosting plan to host your WordPress site.

You might ask why use an  optimized WordPress‌  hosting instead of a standard hosting on which you can install WordPress?

The reason is simple,  the WordPress‌  platform is not as simple as it seems when taking it to the next level and managing a business online.

It takes up a lot of resources, and might ultimately lead you, like it happened to me, to have to perform technical operations such as WordPress stop cron‌ or other tricks to limit WordPress resource usage, as it can easily become an unstoppable resource consuming program that will get your account banned for using too much resource.

However, by getting an  optimized WordPress‌  hosting for your  Wordpress blog‌  it is unlikely that it will happen, as the server will be able to manage most WordPress common issues during which it uses too much resources.

3. Basic and Advanced Email Hosting

Regardless of your business type and size, it is very important nowadays to have your own domain name and associated email addresses that reflects your brand or your company.

This is of course possible as part of the HostPapa full web service hosting company services, as it is one of the basic digital needs for any business.

By getting your own domain name and opening the email addresses you need for your collaborators and yourself, you will not only look more professional, but also ensure a higher level of security to both your organization and your clients, with high class protection against spam, phishing and other digital threats.

These email addresses also come with a large storage space of 5GB, that will allow you to store most if not all of your digital exchange, and even to access them on all your devices anywhere.

4. Premium Cloud Backup

Once your website is up and running, do you know that you're not safe from data loss and hacking?

If that ever happens, you will be more than happy to have subscribed beforehand to a premium cloud backup, that automatically copies all your website data on a secure  hard drive‌  and that you can access if anything happens - and, unfortunately, it does happen.

Also if you ever feel like playing with your website configuration and make any mistake - such as deleting all data by inadvertance, a premium cloud backup is your best chance at ever getting your data back.

5. Free SSL Certificates

This is now a standard at most web hosts, but still must be double checked.

SSL meaning: Secured Socket Layer

Having a free SSL certificate will take off your hands the hassle to setup a secured connection to your website - you know, this small locker that appears next to website addresses in your browser address bar?

Well, you might never have a look at it, but it is extremely important.

Without an SSL certificate, your domain name is not certified as secure, and clients might not trust you, customers would rather buy at competitors, and hackers can easily hack your site or steal your information while you are browsing your own website.

So yes, that is very important - and as HostPapa is a full  service Web hosting‌  company, it is even included for free in your web hosting.

6. Free Domain included

When you get a web hosting at  Hostpapa,‌  you also get a free domain included with the web hosting.

That's right, by simply getting the web hosting for your website, you also get for free the domain name with your hosting.

Of course, this depends on availability, as not all domain names are available - you must choose one that is not yet taken by somebody else.

7. Office 365 hosting

Did you even know that you can have your whole Microsoft  Office 365‌  suite hosted at a third party service, and secured only for your organization?

If, like me, you did not know, then it might be a big change for your small business.

By selecting the right hosting plan, you might even save money compared to a standard  MS Office‌  license.

In these packages, on top of the full  Office 365‌  suite, you'll also get 1TB data storage on server  hard drive‌  on top of the whole  MS Office‌  productivity suite - for one or more users, depending on the exact plan you get.

8. Gmail G Suite hosting

If you prefer to use the Google Cloud Services‌ to manage your business productivity, this option also is available as part of the HostPapa full service offering.

Including a business class email with your own domain name, and the access to the full  Gmail G Suite‌  experience hosted just for you, with much higher storage limit than the standard Gmail Gsuite free offer.

That way using a hosted  Gmail G Suite‌  solution, you would virtually never have to ever delete an email to clear space for incoming new mails.

9. DIFM - Website Design and Management Service

Finally, as HostPapa Is a Full  service Web hosting‌  Company, the last thing you need now that your whole business is hosted, secured and managed remotely from the great  HostPapa hosting‌  service, the next and last thing you need is a website design, along with the website management if necessary.

All this is also available at  HostPapa hosting‌  and is easily accessible.

With a choice of many website templates, all you have to do is to prepare a bit of content about your products and services, get the right website design hosting plan, put the content in your website, and wait for new customers from all around the world to find your small business online!

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