Prestashop 1.6 change shop base URL

After having created your shop, on Prestashop 1.6, you might want to get a new domain name, or change it at some point.

In that case, you need to go in the database to change the shop base URL.

In my case, going from a subfolder, to a specific domain name,

In short : go to the database, in the [tables prefix]shop_url, and update the values – try disabling / re-enabling the Friendly URL if it didn’t work.

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In the admin > Advanced parameters of your Prestashop installation, you can see the current URL, in this case the wrong one.

To change it, go to your CPanel (or other server administration panel if you have one), and select PHPMyAdmin (the database interface).

From there, navigate to the [tables prefix]shop_url, and select it.

You will see there the record you want to change, containing the old URL => click on edit.

See the old values ? You will need to update them all.

After having put your new values, click GO.

You will get details about the update that happened in the database, with a green background if everything went well.

And then, you can access your website with the new URL.

If that didn’t work, try disabling the Friendly URL option, and enabling it again after having cleared your brower’s cache.

Prestashop change shop URL in database

To change the Prestashop URL in database, open the database with PHPMyAdmin at your host administration panel, and find the table ending with _url.

One table ends with friendly_url, and doesn't need to be updated to change the shop URL.

The one to change is the second table, only ending with _url. Open the table and browse the values.

One entry will be the shop domain URL, and the other entry is the domain SSL URL.

To change Prestashop shop URL in database, update both entries with new Prestashop shop URL in the database, the root domain URL and the domain SSL URL, and save your changes.

Your shop URL has now been changed in database for your Prestashop website, no further action in the database is needed.

PrestaShop change site URL database how-to

To do a PrestaShop change site URL in database, open the table shop_url, and change the PrestaShop site URL in the database.

Once the new URL has been entered in the database, try accessing your website with the new URL of your PrestaShop installation.

Change domain name of shop directly in Database V 1.7

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