5 Reasons to Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting For eCommerce

5 Reasons to Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting For eCommerce

Suppose you already have an online store or an eCommerce store based on WordPress and want to increase your eCommerce store’s sales performance.

In that case, this article will help you determine the best way to achieve your desired sales performance. The short answer is that it involves using a managed WordPress hosting for your online store, and we will give you the five reasons to switch to managed WordPress hosting eCommerce.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is essentially letting the web hosting company, the company that runs the servers and stores your website on the company’s servers, manage all hosting aspects for you. This means you don’t need to worry about looking into WordPress updates, doing the regular backups, scanning for security threats, and all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website or eCommerce site.

To put it simply, managed WordPress hosting is great if you are not technically savvy or have the time for when it comes to website management and maintenance, and is especially great for eCommerce sites that are built on WordPress.

5 reasons to switch to managed WordPress hosting eCommerce

1 - Faster Website

A fast site is crucial nowadays, and even more so for shoppers. Customers want to buy in eCommerce stores that are fast and reliable. It is a known fact that site speed and site performance impacts the sales conversion rate of an eCommerce store.

With Managed WordPress hosting for eCommerce, WP Engine has fast, reliable servers around the world. Wherever your customers are located globally, the WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting can respond based on the server’s nearest location to the customer, making the online store faster. Having many servers around the world also means that your website or eCommerce site is reliable, regardless of a potential server shutdown in a location due to an electrical outage, or internet outage.

2 - Better Security For Ecommerce Stores

Security is the backbone of an eCommerce store. Customers need to feel that they can safely buy from your online store and that you, as the store owner, can feel secure that the customers’ payments get through to your bank account.

WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting can detect threats, and block attacks at the server level, and they will manage WordPress updates and security patches, so you don’t have to.

3 - Fewer Plugins Needed

Using WordPress as software for your website or eCommerce site means that there are many plugins to install to have the design and functionalities you want. Plugins essentially enable users to customize the look or functions using off-the-shelf software integrated into WordPress.

Managed WordPress hosting typically comes with software installed on their servers. This means that you won’t need to install plugins when their software already does the work that plugins typically do. For example, WP Engine has Evercache which is an optimized caching software that makes the site runs faster. This means that the website or eCommerce site does not need to have a caching plugin to be installed.

4 - Reliable Support From Wordpress Experts With Simple Site Management

Hosting support is crucial for the success of your eCommerce business. If you face a technical problem, getting in touch with a responsive customer support team at your hosting company would mean getting that sale or losing another sale.

A managed WordPress hosting, such as WP Engine, offers users simple site management often with one-click installs and backups. Equally important is their round-the-clock customer support from a team of WordPress experts. They have extensive support documentation that will enable any issues to be resolved quickly.

5 - They Take Care Of Your Ecommerce Site Hosting So You Can Focus On Your Business

As an eCommerce site owner, your online store has many important things to take care of. From selecting the right products for your store to marketing your brand, getting the buyers’ traffic, converting the visitors into sales, fulfilling the orders, and getting good customer feedback.

A managed WordPress hosting company takes the headaches of managing and maintaining your eCommerce site for site speed performance, site uptime, managing security vulnerabilities, and all the technical aspects of website performance. This leaves you to take care of your business, instead of worrying about your web store.

Ultimately, site performance impacts visitors’ traffic and sales conversion rate. By using a managed WordPress hosting such as WP Engine that has fast, reliable, and secure hosting, you may also experience an increase in site traffic and sales conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WordPress ecommerce managed hosting work?
WordPress ecommerce managed hosting is a type of web hosting service where a hosting company manages and maintains servers for you. This may include tasks such as server security, software updates, and performance monitoring.

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