3 Factors To Improve Your Sales For Your WordPress Ecommerce Store

3 Factors To Improve Your Sales For Your WordPress Ecommerce Store

You have great products to offer in your store, and you believe that your eCommerce site can do more in terms of sales. Well, you are right! E-commerce sales growth has grown at a phenomenal rate of 20% year-on-year growth since Covid began in 2020. According to Statista, global retail eCommerce was at $4.9 trillion in 2022.

However, another source has estimated the number of eCommerce sites to be in the range of 12 to 24 million sites, with new online stores being created daily.

Given the high competition, you need to optimize and improve your eCommerce website that can outrank your competitors' online stores. So what do you need to do to get there?

The 3 S Factors Affecting Ecommerce Website Sales and Growth

These 3 factors are:

Security Speed and SEO for WordPress eCommerce make a difference in how well your e-Commerce site will perform to drive buyers' traffic and sales conversion.


For online stores or eCommerce sites, security is the number one priority. As the purchasing is done online, security is required to ensure that buyers' information remains confidential, away from potential financial and identity thefts. Buyers need to feel safe that their information, including credit card details will not be stolen or misused. Store owners need to feel safe that they will get the money customers have paid.


Site speed is another important factor for eCommerce sales. How fast the eCommerce store loads will impact whether a buyer who comes to the online store will stay to complete his or her purchase, or will leave for another e-commerce site. For customers to switch stores online is much easier and faster than doing so in physical stores.

The ideal web loading time should only take 2 seconds or less. It now only takes 3 seconds for a load time on an eCommerce store before 40% of customers decide to leave. That 1 second makes a big difference for eCommerce stores!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every time a person searches for a key term on Google, Google will return a top ten list of websites relevant for that search term. On top of the search results are a list of paid ads.

While you may think that paid ads are the way to go for selling products on eCommerce stores, but that its not really the best way. According to a research by Google, almost 80% of an online purchase start with a search query. However, up to 80% of these would avoid clicking on the Google paid ads, opting instead for the free listings by Google, known as the organic results.

To get on the first page of Google's organic results require a strategy known as search engine optimization (SEO) that are based on techniques to target getting on the first page of Google's organic results. While there are many techniques involved in SEO, Google requires that site speed will impact rankings for organic search results. This means that fast sites will be listed highly on Google search results.

Essentially, SEO is about getting more of the right type of visitors to your site, so it helps to be on the first page of Google search results for a particular keyword or topic.

How to Optimize for Ecommerce Site Security, Speed, and SEO

The basics of an eCommerce site security is an SSL certification, a Secure Sockets Layer, in which the SSL certificates give authentication of a website's identity and enable an encrypted connection between the network.

Other methods to ensure that  the WordPress   eCommerce site is secured are to have a firewall, security plugins and use a content delivery network (CDN).

CDN is primarily used to enable faster site loads as the content is distributed across mirror sites installed on servers around the world. Other methods to make a website load faster include using a cache plugin and optimizing your images by reducing the image file size without compromising on the quality of the images.

However, an important factor that is often overlooked is the quality of the host server, as the server speed of the hosting company makes a difference, Even in the same hosting company, there are various hosting packages that have different speeds offered. Typically, a faster server is priced at a premium compared to the company's slowest server.

For SEO, there are many techniques involved but one of the most important factors to rank highly for Google is site speed. Once a site speed factor is optimized, it then becomes easier to rank higher on Google's search results.

Can These Optimizations be Simplified?

Given that security speed and SEO for WordPress ecommerce require many different aspects to look into and manage, it can become tricky or even troublesome to juggle all of these requirements to optimize your ecommerce store.

Luckily there is a simpler way to handle all of these for WordPress ecommerce, and it is by using Managed WordPress Hosting.

WP Engine handles all these three factors (security, speed and SEO) well with the hosting company managing the security threat at the platform level, having fast servers located around the world, and enabling fast search results for ecommerce stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This allows you to work directly with the manufacturer, eliminating the chain of intermediaries. This creates a direct channel between the seller and the buyer, which affects the cost of goods and the quality of service.

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