Ezoic LEAP: Overview Of A New Site Speed Tool From Ezoic

In this article, we have analyzed the advantages and features of the new instrument from Ezoic - Ezoic LEAP. We have briefly described everything you need to know about the tool, its advantages and features.

Ezoic LEAP

Ezoic is a comprehensive platform that provides publishers and bloggers with a complete set of options to monetize and improve their websites.

Developers are very concerned about their users and are constantly improving and expanding the possibilities for them. They also respond to the wishes and comments of their customers, such as site speed accelerator.

Today publishers are seriously concerned about website speed. And with the upcoming Google “Page Experience” update, many will start digging into core web metrics. This is quite logical, since the conversion and traffic flow directly depends on the speed of the site. If your site will take 5, 10, 20 times longer to load than competitors' sites, then it is likely that visitors will prefer the latter.

Core Web Vitals – web.dev

The web as a whole is getting more bloated over time. You can blame it on javascript, and unnecessary extensions of native functionality in popular CMSs like WordPress. This trend has made it especially difficult for publishers to tackle website performance issues, as small independent sites may not have the technical resources to troubleshoot performance issues along with other important responsibilities, and large brands struggle to balance some sort of performance against competing content. or design considerations.

That is why today we are going to talk about Ezoic LEAP.


  1. What is Ezoic LEAP;
  2. Ezoic LEAP Review;
  3. Basic LEAP tools;
  4. Benefits;
  5. LEAP solves all problems at the same time;
  6. New advertising based on LEAP;
  7. Saving money with a set of tools;
  8. Improving the basic vital signs of the site;
  9. Answers to frequently asked questions;
  10. Conclusion.

What is Ezoic LEAP

LEAP is a completely free website performance tool that has been designed as a one-stop application to diagnose and fix each site's performance problems one by one. All sites will be able to achieve good basic web activity metrics and excellent performance for their readers thanks to this tool.

What about the Ezoic website speed booster, you ask? It will be completely replaced by LEAP when it launches worldwide to all customers. Once available, LEAP will take the place of the Site Speed Accelerator in the Speed ​​tab of the Ezoic dashboard and will be free for all Ezoic monetization customers.

Ezoic LEAP: A Core Web Vitals Performance Toolset

Ezoic LEAP Review

Seeing how many clients achieve quick, passing or vital results online, Ezoic analysts have a better understanding of why 90% of websites struggle with what they need to do to speed up their site. The developers decided that the speed-optimizing features would not be enough to solve the basic problems people face when sites are slow.

In fact, many people think that it is Ezoic that makes their sites slower, although in fact this is not true.

LEAP was created to identify problems in practical ways, solve fundamental speed solutions with advanced features, provide simple directions for complex problems, and isolate the root cause of poor timings or metrics. We also know that comparison is a technique that many publishers want to use in terms of speed. What host do fast sites use? What WordPress plugins do they install? LEAP will cover the highlights of what the fastest sites using Ezoic are using and doing, as well as provide some insight into what changes might occur to your site.

LEAP will be rolled out to all Ezoic monetization customers prior to the Google Page Experience update.

Basic LEAP tools

LEAP provides everything from optimization features to diagnostics so that websites can deliver essential web metrics.

  • Optimize code, ads, server response and media;
  • See Steps to take with your host or CDN;
  • Compare your site's technology to fast sites;
  • Visualize where pages are missing major web metrics;
  • Check out the technologies on your site that are slowing it down.


  • Ezoic is replacing Site Speed ​​Booster (and paid “+” features) with LEAP;
  • Ezoic LEAP is completely free when using Ezoic monetization (using Ezoic to display ads);
  • LEAP is a robust set of tools that includes everything a site needs to navigate the main web vital;
  • Innovation in the new Ezoic cloud means advertising is core web-friendly;
  • All paid site speed subscriptions that are still active will be refunded or canceled automatically.

LEAP solves all problems at the same time

Use Ezoic LEAP to diagnose, optimize, and resolve website performance issues:

Key web metrics

Eliminate guesswork. Eliminate the complexity of addressing the root causes of poor web vital metrics with powerful Ezoic LEAP diagnostic tools.

Site speed

Optimize everything from code to content with LEAP features designed to eliminate the need for expensive third-party technologies and plugins.

Server response time

Let visitors load pages instantly by understanding and aligning hosting, CDNS, and caching to deliver fast coverage to readers.

New advertising based on LEAP

Ads and Web Core Metrics were never meant for each other, however, sites using Ezoic's cloud integrations are now automatically transitioning to their enhanced server-side ad delivery that works seamlessly with LEAP.

  • Ads that go through the main web vital;
  • Fastest rendering of ads;
  • Built in Ezoic ad monetization;
  • Passing scores for real people, not just tools.
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Saving money with the toolbox

Plugins, non-specific server-side functions and scripts on pages are not how sites should optimize basic web functionality.

  • Features that harmonize and work together;
  • No other fast tools, plugins or features are required;
  • Remove unnecessary and expensive technologies;
  • Includes tools that facilitate optimization;
  • Monitor and customize your site the way Google measures it;
  • Assessment of recommendations in plain language.

Improving website vital signs

Good scores on the Lighthouse PageSpeed ​​Test or PageSpeed ​​Insights may still not mean getting basic web metrics in the field (which is what Google uses in its page experience measurements).

  • LEAP provides tools to facilitate the transmission of field data;
  • See what other sites are doing to communicate the vital signs of the web;
  • Determine where pages are failing in web vital signs;
  • Deliver an immersive experience for your readers.
Chrome Lighthouse | Tools for Web Developers | Google Developers

Answers to frequently asked questions

Below are answers to questions from developers to help publishers plan for Ezoic LEAP.

Will sites have to pay to access any of the LEAP features?

No. Ezoic LEAP will be free for Ezoic monetization users. Sites using LEAP that do NOT display ads from the Ezoic ad tester can use LEAP for free to view up to 500,000 pages.

What happens to the Ezoic website speed booster?

We are replacing the Site Speed Accelerator with LEAP when LEAP is launched.

What will happen to sites using Site Speed Accelerator?

All the features available inside the Site Speed Accelerator will be available and improved, so any sites using these features will automatically enable LEAP for them with the corresponding features enabled for them.

What happens to those who use the paid features of Site Speed ​​Accelerator +?

Sites using paid “+” features will no longer pay when LEAP is launched and will simply waive recurring fees. All customers who pay annually will be offered a prorated refund or the option to fund new products or services in the future. Any “+” functions used will be enabled when LEAP is started.

How will Ezoic LEAP differ from a website speed booster?

LEAP is designed to help publishers pass major web metrics and improve website performance metrics. While the previous speed technology available from Ezoic focused on features that allowed sites to quickly load time and points, we found that websites needed guidance, understanding, and help taking action as much as they needed. in these functions.

LEAP is a suite of tools designed to identify the causes of poor performance and load times, and provide both technology and information to improve it.

LEAP will allow sites to compare their speeds and technologies with fast sites using Ezoic, and provide data on everything from hosts to CMS technologies that will allow sites to identify potentially faster alternatives.

I am using WordPress, what will I need to use or do to make LEAP work for my site?

In most cases, jumping will mean getting more out of less. WordPress sites are used to using plugins and host settings to improve load times. LEAP provides a much more versatile and complex solution, which usually means getting rid of plugins and unnecessary technology / features (and probably saves a lot of money!

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After examining this tool, we came to the conclusion that it will make a huge breakthrough in the current state of affairs with the performance of small and big sites. With its appearance, everyone will be able to speed up their site and optimize it. If you own a website and do not know how to make it faster, Ezoic LEAP is exactly what you need. That's all for us. Thanks for attention!

★★★★★  Ezoic LEAP: Overview Of A New Site Speed Tool From Ezoic After examining this tool, we came to the conclusion that it will make a huge breakthrough in the current state of affairs with the performance of small and big sites. With its appearance, everyone will be able to speed up their site and optimize it. If you own a website and do not know how to make it faster, Ezoic LEAP is exactly what you need. That's all for us. Thanks for attention!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of Google Ezoic LEAP for my site?
Using Ezoic LEAP will help you to diagnose, optimize and fix performance issues with your website.

Ezoic LEAP: Full Guide. Increase Your Core Web Vital Results!

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 2021-05-18 -  James McAllister
This is great news! I've used Ezoic on one of my sites and my biggest complaint was definitely the hit to my page loading speed. I know it's a common complaint amongst others, too. And the fact that they would try to make you pay for their site accelerator tool felt a little silly. Great to hear this will be free!

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