Convert JPG to PDF with Ease: (Best-Proven Tools)

Convert JPG to PDF with Ease: (Best-Proven Tools)

You can find that both JPG and PDF are two different formats and used frequently around the internet for different purposes. The time comes when you need to create PDF files from existing JPG images for smaller file sizes or the ease of printing. When it comes to compressing JPG images, their resolution will be distorted. Fortunately, with the use of PDF files, the original quality is still preserved. Thus, it's essential to know how to convert JPG to PDF, give a read to this context and explore different ways one-by-one.


As the name reveals that this platform is specifically designed to make contributions for PDF files management and conversions. You can get conversion for JPG to PDF with a single go by using its easy to process and free version of online JPG to PDF converter. No special skills involves, just couple of given steps lets you export JPG as PDF online with itspdf:

  • Open web-browser on your device and ahead to jpg to pdf converter by itspdf
  • Import JPG or JPEG images into this online converter and click Convert button
  • Download All converted PDFs from itspdf with a single click

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF works as the full-fledged image to PDF converter that effortlessly converts JPG to PDF without any hassle. It is packed with different conversions from PDF to images (TIFF, JPg, BMP, PNG), MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT), HTML, CAD (DWG, DXF) and vice versa. The steps for turning JPG into PDF is quite simple with the assistance of SwifDoo, let's find each steps”:

  • At first, start with downloading and installing the SwifDoo PDF into your system from the official website or Microsoft AppSource
  • Very next, you need to move to the top menu and choose Convert > Image to PDF
  • Right after that, make a selection for the Image to PDF in the SwifDoo PDF converter window, and then you need to upload the JPG or JPEG images into this workstation
  • Now, you should have to confirm the JPG to PDF conversion options, the output path, and even the page size are correct. Once ready, just clicking on Start button enables you to create a PDF from the JPG

Microsoft Photos

If your system is loaded with Windows OS, then converting JPG to PDF document format is not a longer issue. Its default Microsoft Photos program works as a basic and free image organizer, viewer, and converter. More straight-forwardly, you only have to use the inbuilt image viewer in case to convert JPG/JPEG to PDF with the assistance of the virtual PDF printer, MS Print to PDF. find the below steps to export JPG as PDF with Microsoft Photos:

  • To start, you should have to first locate the JPG/JPEG image on your WIndows system and simply open it in Microsoft Photos
  • Then, you need to choose Print from the top right or even directly use the shortcut key “Ctrl + P” to activate the Print settings
  • From the Printer options, you should have to choose for the Microsoft Print to PDF. However, you can readily change the page size, page margins, page orientation, and more as your preference
  • Once you have done it all, you have to navigate to the Save Print Output As window. Simply rename the PDF document and then change the output path in the same step. Make a click on the given Save button to change your JPG to PDF with this program


JPG and PDF serve distinct purposes, but converting JPG to PDF becomes crucial for preserving image quality. The process offers a way to maintain the original resolution, ensuring optimal viewing and printing experiences. In this article, we've covered three tools that make converting JPG to PDF simple. These tools offer versatile options to help users efficiently convert their JPG files into PDF while preserving the image quality.

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