Top Sites: Where To Find Free Wallpapers And How To Get The Right One For Your Computer?

Top Sites: Where To Find Free Wallpapers And How To Get The Right One For Your Computer?

It is not at all difficult to talk about technology on the Internet, but it can be extremely difficult to actually show what it looks like. Standard background wallpapers in full resolution can look stylish, especially in a world where interactions with our devices are becoming more integrated into our daily lives. Whether you want to create a collection of high quality wallpapers, or simply replace the default stock wallpapers that come with your computer, here are the best wallpaper sites with full or high quality images.

Startup Stock Photos

As the name suggests, Startup Stock Photos is a pretty impressive repository of startup-themed images. All images are free to use and do a great job of portraying chic office scenes as well as visually appealing images using new technologies.

If you're short on time, Stock Up is one of the best options on this list. This site combines other free photography sites and makes it easy to search them. The search feature can be a little finicky at times, but when it works, it saves a lot of time.

Startup Stock Photos - Best Free Tech Photos


This resource, like Stock Up, is another stock photo aggregator with impeccable taste. Pexels receives new images every day, so the library is constantly growing. And with a searchable database, it makes it easy to find the photos you want.

Free Stock Photos · Pexels

All Free Stock

All Free Stock brings together all of the stock photo formats and packs them tightly into one user-friendly interface. In the panel on the left you can find different sites. They're easy to replace when you're ready to try a new stock photography site.

It may not have a searchable catalog of photographs, but it more than makes up for it with the quality and originality of its offerings. In addition to product close-ups, the site features gorgeous depictions of technology used in real-world scenarios.

All The Free Stock

Iso republic

a fantastic resource for a more “trendy” approach to technology photography. With cityscapes and beautiful product close-ups, this is a great stop for images that will resonate with a younger audience.

ISO Republic - Free High Resolution Photos & Videos


Uses a subscription model to send users new stock photos every two weeks. Even without a subscription, visitors can access a wide library of images that has various sections.

stokpic | Unlimited Royalty Free stock photos and images For Commercial use


Has an extensive photo base, all clean and modern in style. While it doesn't have a dedicated Technology section, it does have a search box and you can find great technical content in the Other section of the site.

Kaboompics: Free stock photos


It is an extensive searchable database filled with free photos, illustrations and vectors. A quick search for Technology yields thousands of results. While many of them look like typical stock photos, there are real gems in the Pixabay library if you're willing to dig a little.

Pixabay: 2.2 million+ Stunning Free Images to Use Anywhere


This is a site to the top with stylish, fabulously composed images for free. Their content is split into modern images, but new additions come every week, and they have a whole section dedicated to technology.

Public Domain Pictures - Free Stock Photos

Life of pix

The design of the site itself is clean, and it offers a nice set of clean and colorful photos. Check out the galleries and visit the Objects, Desktop, and Industry sections for great technology-related images.

Free high resolution photography - Life of Pix – Home


Every 10 days, Unsplash publishes a gallery of new free images that you can use and view as you see fit. The selection of technical photographs here is fantastic, with images of multiple devices to convey day-to-day use of technology. There is also a gallery view to make browsing a quick and painless process.

Unsplash: Beautiful Free Images & Pictures

IM Free

One of the favorite resources for users because they pay special attention to the images themselves and make them easier to find in work. Their library is very well organized and the Business, Technology and Cityscape sections offer more than enough high quality content.

IM Free - Free Website Templates, Free Images & More


Knows how to regularly update his gallery of a decent size. If a new iPhone hits the market, chances are they have a great photo on their website. This is especially useful if you want to take natural photos of Apple products and appreciate the good bokeh.

picjumbo: Free Stock Photos

New old stock

Here's an interesting approach to royalty-free photography: all of the photographs in New Old Stock are, as you probably immediately noticed, very old. You probably won't see any modern technology in these photos. However, the galleries on New Old Stock are great if you want to take a more conceptual approach to depicting technology.

New Old Stock


Offers a good selection of photographs, most of which were taken in Europe with a distinct sense of reality in the images. While their technology-related offerings are slightly below average, the technical photography they offer is of fantastic quality.

Getrefe: Natural Looking Photos, Shop with Discount Coupons & Cashback


Offers a total of four free galleries, and while it may sound sparse, the quality of each gallery makes this site noteworthy. This one may only be good for a few technology-related uses, but there are also some great texture shots available for more abstract images.


StockSnap offers a wide selection of free, high-resolution images and publishes hundreds of new ones every week. Their site is easy to use and they also have a ranking system that uses views and downloads so you can quickly find the most popular / best free images. The only downside is that most of the images are quite large (1MB +). If you need them for a website or digital project, you need to compress them first! – The #1 source for beautiful free photos


As FREERANGE says about their website: “Great photos. Absolutely free . It's also very well presented, easy to find, and the images are well labeled. They also seem to have real credibility as they have been featured in many major publications such as TNW, INC., Huff Post and others.

Freerange Stock | Free Stock Photos - Totally Free Legal Photography and Illustrations


Stockvault is a community of free images, objects and renders where photographers upload and share their work. They also have an unusually wide range of textures that can be used as backgrounds for websites. The site is very easy to navigate and everything is under a Creative Commons license, so there are many royalty-free images to download!

Free Stock Photos | Free Images and Vectors | Stockvault

Visual hunting

Visualhunt has an extensive database of 116,892 Creative Commons images. Most of the images are of exceptionally high quality. The site also provides access through its search portal to an additional 350 million public domain photos that can be embedded or tracked directly at the source for download.

This is a Swiss site launched in 2015. It has a great collection of photos, vectors, and images for many types of creative projects. Easy to search and the images are very well visually categorized.


Has an extensive collection of photographs, graphics and illustrations combined with an excellent search function. It's also very well categorized, which saves a lot of time when searching for media and images. - Browse over 300000 free stock photos


The Museum of Art has an extensive online gallery of high-resolution photographs of their collections and items. Most of the gallery is in the public domain and you can filter by location, era, type, object type, and culture.

Home - The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Tumblr community photo by Snapwire. Most of the images are owned by Creative Commons, and it is regularly updated with seven new high-quality public domain photos every week.

Snapwire Snaps

background wallpaper in full resolution

Sometimes the biggest challenge can be finding high quality free photos that you can use for your own purposes without worrying about copyrights.

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