Smart Ways to Learn Google Analytics Like A Pro

Smart Ways to Learn Google Analytics Like A Pro

Google analytics has turned out to be a valuable asset in the digitalized world. The advanced tracking and reporting features make the tool an absolute necessity to enhance a website and are used by  SEO agencies in the UK.   It helps the website owners to know the user behaviour and optimize their website accordingly. The data collected from Google analytics can be used to make tailored marketing campaigns to attract and retain an audience. Informing and directing business decisions within a company has never been easy and can be done with accuracy.

You must be wondering how you can make the most of this tool; therefore, here are some smart ways to learn using Google analytics like a pro:

Join Google Analytics Academy:

Google Analytics is a service from Google designed for webmasters and SEOs that allows you to analyze user behavior on the site. The collected information is hosted on a remote server from Google.

This tool allows you to evaluate advertising campaigns and optimize budgets. Through Google Analytics, you can track a website or a mobile application: see where users come from, how old they are and what devices they use, what they do and how long they stay on the site. Therefore, in order to improve your business, you need to learn Google Analytics.

The good news is Google has its analytics academy where you can learn to use the tool effectively and do not need to opt for paid courses. The two of these free courses are what we recommend you:

Google Analytics for Beginners: this one is focused on teaching the learners to navigate through Google analytics, use its interface, setting up dashboards and shortcuts, analysing primary audience, going through behaviour reports, and analyze goals and campaign tracking. It will teach you all the basics, i.e., from creating an account implementing tracking codes, you will learn it all!

Google Analytics for Beginners

Advanced Google Analytics: this one lets you know that how data is collected and processed. You will learn how to use configurations like event tracking, custom dimensions, and custom metrics. You will learn more advanced analysis techniques using channel reports, segmentation, audience reports, or custom reports and marketing strategies like dynamic remarketing and remarketing that later shows ads to the users who have visited your website.

Advanced Google Analytics

Use Tutorials:

Google Analytics is a much-used tool, and you can find several tutorials that will aid your learning process and further enhance your skills other than Google analytics academy. You can also access the Google Analytics youtube channel for some useful and helpful tutorials. From quick, easy tips to detailed reviews, you can find it all. You can even browse through other platforms or youtube channels to get advanced level learning of the tool.

Google Analytics Youtube channel

Google Analytics Blogs:

It's no wonder that several blogs are solely dedicated to addressing the issues or updates regarding Google analytics. Once you are done with the basic training through tutorials, you will want to keep up with the latest tricks and trends. You can also connect to these bloggers and get helpful insight regarding the tool.

Getting Practical Experience:

You cannot ace at anything unless you have got practical experience for it. No matter how much theory you have read, you can only fully grasp the concepts if you have applied them to the tool directly. The ultimate goal has to be to learn its key features, but you must consider mastering those pertinent to your website.

Tailored Training Courses:

Usually, the online tutorials are very generic. They might not touch the areas that you want to learn specifically. You can also consider opting for a tailored training course to learn what your website needs you to.


Google Analytics has become a must-learn tool for those working for digital markets. With so many smart ways available, it has become quite easy to learn the tool effectively.

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