Flippa Review For Buying And Selling Websites

Flippa Review For Buying And Selling Websites

The Flippa trading platform has been specially designed for selling and buying websites. All the necessary tools are presented here, a detailed assessment of all participants is carried out.

The Flippa platform today offers a wide range of functionality for people who want to buy and sell websites. All the necessary tools are presented here, including the assessment of each participant in the transaction. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to profitably purchase an online business.

Review of the Flippa trading platform for buying and selling websites

Entrepreneurs who do business online can sell it profitably. The money earned can be spent on opening a new type of activity, investing in your own development. Today there is a service where you can profitably buy and sell sites. Flippa is a specialized platform that is available online. Sellers and buyers are allowed to register. They can make deals, communicate with each other.

What is Flippa?

The Flippa review will help you get acquainted with all the features and benefits of the online platform. First of all, it is a tool that allows you to conduct a detailed assessment. Clients leave positive reviews and recommendations about this site. Here are implemented:

Buyers will be able to view all online businesses that are available for sale. For a quick search, a filter by different categories is provided. If necessary, you can place bids, publish your own offers in order to acquire ownership of the selected site.

The Flippa platform is engaged in high-level advertising and promotion. Here are sites and other Internet resources for aspiring entrepreneurs with no experience. Now the catalog contains more than 3000 proposals. Each person will be able to choose the best option for a profitable investment.

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Selling a business on Flippa

The Flippa Marketplace is available for people looking to sell their own business. To do this, you need to use an assessment tool on your own website. If you have such information, you can quickly promote your own business, trade in cooperation with a broker.

To place an offer on Flippa, you will need no more than 10-15 free time. After completing all the settings, you can immediately find potential buyers.

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How evaluation works

Flippa's review should start with an assessment. To do this, you need to go to the official website and enable Flippabot. Flippa has access to the largest marketplace to buy and sell online businesses.

The advantages of the platform include a large percentage of sales in the entire history of the existence of such services. Entrepreneurs who receive a good rating will be able to sell their own asset as profitable as possible. The specialists of the Flippa trading platform take into account several main factors that play an important role:

  1. Age. Enterprises fall into the group of less risky if they have been operating for at least two years. This is because about 92% of e-commerce startups go bankrupt within the first 100 days. That is why the trading platform does not allow risky companies to cooperate.
  2. Financial indicators. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, this also requires a comprehensive analysis. Financial indicators play an important role, namely the average sales volume and the amount of net profit. Buyers pay attention to this when the cost is negotiated.
  3. The presence of repeat orders. Sites that have a good base of regular customers, readers and users are valued several times higher. They are already prepared for the launch of a new advertising campaign. If you sell a business along with a loyal audience, it can be estimated 2-3 higher.
  4. Continuous growth trend. It depends on how well the business will function now. Sites with high stability scores can show rapid growth. They are respected among potential clients. But not always the tendency to constant growth can be measured or calculated.
  5. Comparative characteristics of the sales multipliers. They affect market expectations.

These are the main parameters that specialists take into account when forming an assessment. The further value of the business will depend on it.

Broker search

After the assessment of your own business is completed, you can proceed to finding a broker. This is especially true for sellers who don't have the time and don't know where to start selling their own e-commerce business. A professional broker will analyze the activity, will be able to profitably present the company among buyers. Thanks to this, you can arrange a sale at a bargain price.

The Flippa trading platform currently cooperates with 45 brokers. They are located in different countries of the world. Each broker specializes in a different type of business. Before cooperation, you should familiarize yourself with the pricing policy of a specialist. Today you can conclude an agreement with a broker from Singapore, Sweden, Australia, United States of America.

What is the cost of using the Flippa platform?

If you are selling your own business through the Flippa trading platform, you must first examine the cost of the services. The associated costs here are associated with listing, as well as the fee for the successful completion of each transaction. The listing fee is fixed. This includes the following costs:

  • the cost of sites for beginners - $ 15;
  • a set of ready-made templates for filling the site - $ 15;
  • buying a domain will cost from $ 10;
  • applications for different operating systems from $ 15;
  • online businesses and registered websites that generate steady income are selling from $ 49.

On the Flippa trading platform, the percentage for a successful transaction is calculated strictly on an individual basis. It depends on the sales price quoted when the business is being sold. If the client sells the company for up to $ 50,000, the commission will be 10%. From the amount up to 100 thousand dollars, the interest rate has been reduced to 7.5%. The commission for success from the sale of a business of more than $ 100 thousand is 5%.

For making a deal with a broker who is an official partner of Flippa, in this case, the percentage increases to 15% of the sale value. If you like or are interested in a site worth over 2 million dollars, in this case, you need to write a request to the support service. They may offer their own VIP programs to help you save money on your purchase.

Additional services and purchase with Flippa

Each user has the opportunity to update their own ad in order to raise it in the list. For this, additional premium features are provided. The one-time fee for attracting potential buyers ranges from $ 65-295.

Users will be able to make their own offer strictly confidential. This service costs $ 99. A detailed listing optimization report is also available on the platform. Its price is only $ 29. The Flippa marketplace offers its users a search service. It helps to identify only proven and qualified businesses. Thanks to the receipt of a detailed report, you can better understand the principle of operation of companies, get acquainted with their activities and key financial indicators. This information will help you arrange a good deal.

Flippa Due Diligence

Users who have made the decision to buy a report will be able to expect full support from the best experts on the marketplace. They will be able to perform a comprehensive analysis of the future business and provide detailed information on future profits for the next few years. They will also be able to predict all possible risks associated with carrying out entrepreneurial activities in the chosen direction.

Upon request, the specialists of the Flipp platform will be able to work out such important aspects:

  • performing due diligence of the seller;
  • preparation of a detailed analysis of all financial indicators;
  • checking all traffic sources;
  • marketing analysis;
  • sales report for the last year.

Each report analyzes the skills that may be required to run a business. Specialists will research legal history. A full report will cost $ 1,000. It is advisable to order such information when the company costs from 30 thousand dollars. The report is composed of 15 pages. All possible risks will be indicated here.

You can order a standard report that costs $ 1,500. Experts will carry out an analysis for 2 years of the company's existence. The report will be formatted in 20 pages. It is worth ordering when it is planned to purchase expensive enterprises, where the price exceeds the threshold of 50 thousand dollars or more. Specialists will consider in detail all possible risks and probable profit. Additionally, information on each financial indicator will be indicated separately.

During the analysis, the seller will be checked. Experts check the correctness of filling out each report, which is provided in the form of documentation. On other sites, scammers fake documents, inflate real indicators in order to sell their own business more profitably. If you entrust the verification to specialists, they will verify all the necessary data with reality. As a result, they will name the real value of the enterprise.

The Flippa platform also offers the most advanced report. Its price is $ 2,000. Experts will carry out a comprehensive and detailed analysis in 3 years. The report will be provided in 25 pages. The most in-depth information will be displayed here. Experts will review the industry, all trends that are important. They will carry out a comparative analysis of the asking price, taking into account the coefficients of the net profit of other enterprises. The client will receive data such as monetization efficiency and RMP.

Rules for determining the initial investment

People who do not have experience, but for the first time want to acquire a profitable business on the Internet, must understand how to act. If you are completely inexperienced, you can get help from the Finder service, which is powered by Flipp's platform.

This is a dedicated concierge service that offers new buyers a personalized consultation. It will help determine the assessment of experience, criteria before making a purchase. The duration of the consultation is about 60 minutes. Experts will be able to intelligently define an initial set of lists to complete a detailed enterprise survey.

The consultants will analyze the transaction, think over a solution to quickly understand the benefits of the offer. The cost of the service is $ 50. Additionally, you need to pay 2.5% commission if the purchase of a business took place. They are transferred to the platform account only when a successful transaction is concluded.


Flippa Site is simultaneously an assessment tool, trading platform and an assessment service for online business. This platform positions itself as № 1 for purchase and sale. On the platform, buyers can view online companies available for sale in various categories, and make bets or place proposals on the acquisition of ownership of these sites.

Right now, more than 3,000 websites, applications and enterprises are presented on the Flippa trading platform, which houses more than 300,000 potential buyers.

After a detailed review, the Flippa platform can be given a score of 4 points. There is a wide range of functionality for sellers and buyers. The support service responds quickly to all requests. One ball was dropped for rather high service rates.

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The trading platform is quite extensive and has a high level of protection. Today it is one of the best platforms where you can buy or sell your own business. If you use all the opportunities wisely, Flippa will become a useful and interesting resource not only for business, but also for entrepreneurs.

★★★★⋆  Flippa Review For Buying And Selling Websites The trading platform is quite extensive and has a high level of protection. Today it is one of the best platforms where you can buy or sell your own business. If you use all the opportunities wisely, Flippa will become a useful and interesting resource not only for business, but also for entrepreneurs.

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What are the best practices for setting a competitive price when selling a website on Flippa?
To set a competitive price on Flippa, analyze similar listings, consider your website's monthly earnings, traffic, and unique value propositions.

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