5 Smart Ways To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

5 Smart Ways To Make Money With A WordPress Blog

You must have observed that most of the people are working through Word Press and making a great amount of money. But do you know the reason behind it? Well, you would be surprised to know that Word Press is one of the biggest publishing and content management platforms and people prefer it over other sites because it gives them a chance to do what they love.

If you’re making a website then you should that there are some tools and mediums that will make your Word Press website grow and reach more audiences. One of the most important features that will help you grow your business is plug-in bundles.  Plugin bundles   are built so they can enhance the features of Word Press. You can find this feature easily in the Word Press Directory; also your website should at least have 15-30 plug-ins.

Now it’s time to make money through your Word Press website, so here are some of the effective methods that are going to help you.

1. Sell products on Word Press

The first step is to make a Word Press site or blog and that you can make easily basic skills and zero payment. Now you need to decide what do you want to do and what is the thing you’re best in. But we would suggest you start with marketing, as it will draw a lot of customer’s attention towards your Website. You can sell any type of product; it can be digital goods, furniture, technical equipment, and even e-books and e-magazines.

What is the best way to sell products on Word Press?

The most suitable way of selling your products would be by utilizing eCommerce plugins. The Ecommerce platform you choose depends totally on you, but we would suggest you use Woocommerce, as it is one of the most linked plugins to Word Press, if you’re a beginner it will be very advantageous for you as it will help you associate with many payment gateways.

2. Start with a Freelance Business

We have observed that people prefer Freelancing over other modes of employment, and we have discovered that one of the main reasons behind it is that they can work according to their choice and without being in control of some person. You can start your first entrepreneurship through Word Press by building a professional profile.

Is content writing a good choice for freelancing?

We would say that content writing is indeed a wise choice. You can attract more customers by sharing your portfolio and samples on the website, this way people can see your niche and know your writing style and offer you work according to it.

3. Teach a course

How should you start selling the course?

Any course you have decided to teach, we would suggest you start by making it a short course and by making sure it is affordable. If in the beginning, you start with high and costly prices many people won’t register, so first, try to connect your audience and customers with you and after your website has been properly introduced then you can increase the prices.

4. Try Affiliate Marketing

WordPress has proved itself to be one of the best mediums for affiliate marketing, by introducing a wild range of upgraded and enhanced Word Press plug-ins for beginners to start and earn money through affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing and how it works?

Affiliate marketing works when you promote other people’s products and then earn a commission through it. The more sales you make the more money you earn, so you must have excellent creativity and productivity skills so people may buy the product you’re selling. If you’ve decided to do  Affiliate Marketing   then you should start with selling and promoting the products that you use and you think they will catch the attention of people.

There are plenty of  Affiliate Marketing   programs, and it might be wiser to first work on developing niche content, and finding then some affiliate programs that are able to convert well with the audience you are attracting with your content.

5. Develop Word Press Plug-ins

As mentioned earlier Plugins are the most powerful feature that makes the Word Press looks stronger, that’s why we would recommend you to develop plugins because people are always trying to make their website look good through plug-ins. Plugins allow people to extend the functionality of Word Press which ultimately gives them access to more audiences.

What type of Plugins you should develop?

Plugins come in a vast variety, it’s up to you if you want to develop a simple or complex one, but make sure the plugin you are developing should resolve the issues people experience and help them modify Word Press better. You can sell your plugins on your website or any other website.

In conclusion: how to make money with a WordPress blog?

WordPress is a free CMS, that is, a special program for managing content on a website. Imagine that you need to quickly change the image on the product card, add a new article to the site or change the title or description on the page - this program will help with this.

But you also have a real opportunity to earn with WordPress and fully build a working business.

Word Press has become a medium for thousands of people to earn money and today it powers more than 35% of the entire web, so if you want your website to be successful than you need to follow these methods and we ensure that you’ll be making money in no time.

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