Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: August vs. July, $5.52 EPMV

Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: August vs. July, $5.52 EPMV

In this updated report, we delve deeper into the website content media network's earnings evolution with display advertisement, contrasting August's performance to July. We focus on the fluctuations in EPMV and overall earnings, evaluating the contributions of different ad partners and our innovative strategies in content creation.

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

August experienced another descent in EPMV, with the figure dropping to $5.52 from July’s $5.84. This sustained decline emphasizes the criticality of ongoing analysis and adaptability in our strategies. Additionally, overall earnings in August also experienced a decrease, moving from $868.42 in July to $818.60.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

In August, Ezoic continued to be a dominant ad partner, bringing in $635.84 in earnings. AdSense mediation contributed $55.19, and premium ad partners added another $127.57 to the revenue stream, reinforcing our diversified monetization strategy.

Specific Changes and Strategies in August:

In August, we employed AI to generate a variety of articles related to the food niche, such as McDonald's burger reviews, complemented by video reviews to illustrate the contents more vividly. These topics were identified using Ezoic's NicheIQ products, enabling us to find and promote relevant SEO keywords effectively. Moreover, we also created articles promoting products from the Amazon Creator Connections opportunities with brands, further expanding our content portfolio.

Notable articles created in August

The 2 for U Offer at McDonald's: A Feast for Everyone

In a world where value and convenience are paramount, McDonald's continues to innovate with offerings that resonate with the diverse tastes of its customers. The latest promotion, the 2forU offer, is no exception. With two distinct options catering to different meals of the day, here's an exploration of what makes this offer a must-try.

The WieśMac (VillageMac): A Taste of Tradition in Poland's McDonald's

In the bustling world of fast food, where global chains often present uniform menus, the WieśMac stands out as a testament to McDonald's commitment to local flavors. Exclusive to Poland, the WieśMac, or VillageMac, offers a culinary experience that celebrates traditional Polish tastes, all while embodying the fast-food efficiency that McDonald's is renowned for.

The Red Chikker®: McDonald's Polish Chicken Delight

The Red Chikker, exclusive to the Polish McDonald's menu, adds a vibrant flair to the fast-food burger landscape. With its unique combination of juicy chicken, fresh lettuce, and aromatic tomato-onion sauce (sos pomidorowy z cebulą), all enclosed in a fluffy cornmeal-dusted bun, it's a taste sensation that leaves one's mouth watering at the mere thought.

The McDonald's Veggie Burger: A Taste of Poland's Green Revolution

A sensational addition to the menu, McDonald's Veggie Burger brings joy not only to vegetarians but to anyone looking for a flavorsome deviation from meat-based options. With a patty rich in whole pieces of vegetables such as carrots, peas, and broccoli, this burger presents a taste adventure, all wrapped in a soft, sesame-seed-sprinkled bun.

Jalapeño Burger: A Spicy Touch to Polish McDonald's Menu

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The Jalapeño Burger is a hot addition to the McDonald's menu in Poland. With a classic beef patty complemented by Jalapeño peppers and a special spicy green pepper sauce, this burger is designed to tantalize the taste buds and leave an unforgettable impression.

Analysis and Implications:

The continuous decrease in EPMV and the consequent decline in overall earnings necessitate meticulous scrutiny of our strategies and implementation. In this dynamic digital ecosystem, adapting to changing trends, user behaviors, and market demands is crucial for sustaining and enhancing revenue generation.

Exploring the EPMV Drop:

The decline in EPMV for August to $5.52 from $5.84 in July can be closely linked to holiday seasons and consequent adjustments in advertising expenditures. During holiday periods, there is often a noticeable shift in consumer behavior and advertising trends. Many companies tend to pull back on advertising spending, leading to reduced demand and, ultimately, a decline in EPMV values. This contraction in marketing expenses during holiday times is a well-observed phenomenon in the digital advertising ecosystem and can considerably impact earnings.

Moreover, the reduction in EPMV is also reflective of the multifarious and dynamic nature of the digital advertising landscape. Variations in user interactions, emergence of new ad platforms, and changes in the competitive milieu can also play significant roles in affecting EPMV. As we navigate through these seasonal and market-driven fluctuations, continuous refinement and optimization of our strategies are pivotal. By staying vigilant and proactive, we can identify innovative solutions to bolster revenue generation and mitigate the impacts of such seasonal downturns in advertising spend.

Plans for September:

In September, we plan to leverage NicheIQ more intensively to craft content that is not only relevant but also resonates with our audience’s preferences and needs. By focusing on creating more engaging and SEO-friendly content, we aim to navigate through the current challenges and optimize our earnings potential.


Despite the challenges and the observed downward trends in EPMV and earnings, our commitment to adaptability and innovation remains steadfast. By leveraging advanced tools and diversifying our content creation strategies, we continue to navigate the intricate landscape of digital advertising and seek avenues for growth and improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

In analyzing the August vs. July earnings report, how can a focus on sustainable content creation impact EPMV?
A focus on sustainable content creation can positively impact EPMV by attracting a niche audience interested in eco-friendly topics, potentially leading to more engagement and higher ad rates, as evidenced in the August vs. July earnings report.
How can you maintain high EPMV during lower traffic months?
Maintaining high EPMV during lower traffic months can be achieved by focusing on high-quality content, targeted ad placements, experimenting with ad formats, and using Ezoic’s data analytics to make informed decisions.

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