How We Earned $1416.61 Passive Income Using EzoicAds Premium In January 2023 With $6.49 EPMV?

How We Earned $1416.61 Passive Income Using EzoicAds Premium In January 2023 With $6.49 EPMV?

After lower than expected months of November and December, which are usually the highest month of the year in terms of ads spending, largely due to the BlackFriday effect, the month of January have shown us again a small decrease in ad spending - and passive income earnings for us, with a lower EPMV, which usually happen as the year's highest EPMV is on BlackFriday, ad budgets have been spent and consumers don't have much budget either for purchases.

We saw a slight drop on our content network monetized with EzoicAds Premium - let's have a look in detail at the numbers, what happened, and what is our plan to inverse the situation with our content.

Measures taken in January

As the traffic dip started in September, we've already taken actions since November, after seeing our numbers going down in our October EzoicAds earnings report:

  • providing E-A-T on most of our articles,
  • providing an FAQ with schemas,
  • prodiving a table of content at the top of the page,
  • targetting keywords via URL.

These actions have already been implemented, and the results start showing up with ranking change on search engines, as any SEO change can take up to 6 months to be reflected in search results - we got a small 1% increase in audience in January up from our December results.

Regarding the FAQ with schemas however, this is an ongoing task, on which our full time freelance SEO expert is working full time to provide us these updates, article by article and question by question.

On top of that, we've started working full time with a Social Media Manager, expecting our efforts on that part to retain some of our audience in the future, and eventually help us securing other sources of income that won't be directly link to our traffic ups and downs, mostly focusing on sharing our earnings report, some informational content like our articles, and a little bit of entertaining content.

YB Digital's network earnings with EZOICADS in January 2023

Even if our EPMV went down a little since October, $6.49 revenue per mille visits is still a good result, and is more than 6 times higher than AdSense revenue we would get if we only relied on this single monetization partner.

For the full month of January, according to the graph shown that has been extracted from EZOICADS earnings reports, our revenue is divided as follows:

Not all our numbers went down, with a 7% increase from Ezoic Premium advertising partners, 28% decrease from EZOICADS mediation advertising partners, and a 6% earnings decrease with EZOICADS advertising partners, and a number of visits up of about 1%, still with the second lowest visits count for more than a year, following the downwards trend that started in September.

In any case, even with these numbers, we are again comfortable saying that the EZOICADS platform is the best option to monetize content websites. Let's have a look at the revenue dynamics with extracted graphs to get a better understanding.

Revenue dynamics compared to previous months

Having a look at the earnings graph of our websites over the past year, we can clearly see the decline starting from March 2022, with the trend downards continuing until July, the lowest point of our past year for earnings, except for September.

A small pike appears in March, with coincides with the first quarter end, and the companies spending their budget for this occasion.

This hasn't happened in June this year for a specific reason, with the global events currently taking place, advertisers have been more careful in spendings their budget, and are probably holding back until the end of the year, probably the trend that we are currently seeing in the month of August, even exceeding our June earnings, and just a little behind May for us.

The upward trend that we can observe since August did not continue in October due to our traffic loss, but even with traffic remaining stable, we saw a slight decrease around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that could not be offset in December and January, despite an EPMV increase as advertising budgets haven't been fully spent yet, and Christmas was around the corner. However, as our traffic went down, our numbers could not go up.

Our EPMV evolution: from $6.97 to 6.49

Our EPMV is down 7%, which is an expected decrease, as we were actually awaiting a dropping ad spend from advertisers, as it always happens with EPMVs during the first quarter of the year.

To make sure of that, let's have a look at the EZOIC ad revenue index.

Having a look at the ad revenue index

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Looking at the EZOIC ad revenue index for the United States over the past year, we can see that the month of December ended at its lowest for the past year, even lower than last year's August summer period, and the month of January ended nearly at 38 percent of its highest point, only one percent above the January 1st value of 37 percent.

If we step back and have a look at the global month of January on this index compared to the whole past year, it seems like the whole year was globally flat, except a small pike for BlackFriday in November, but 2023 still started lower than 2022 has ever been.

Therefore, the small decrease we expected actually happened, and is most likely again linked to global events this year, with the war in Ukraine, the global shortage of components, and the increased evergy prices that are leading many businesses and private persons to review their budget, especially in the start of the year, after having spent most of budget for gifts around Christmas, and having to pay for private expenses that are going up.

This trend will mostly likely continue over the remaining part of the first quarter 2023, and we can not realistically expect positive news on that side over next months.

Our achievements in January

World's First record: we donated one full week of passive income to charity!

From January 8th to January 14th, from Orthodox Christmas to Orthodox New year, we decided to donate our full day passive income to charity.

The charity chosen for this action is Razom For Ukraine, a charity that aims at providing an appropriate emergency response to the extreme situation happening in Ukraine.

Using the Ezoic innovative CSR technology we were able to donate a full week worth of our full passive income, tax-free, a world's first ever, and were able to show other businesses how they can easily do the same action, effortlessly!

Website creation series

We've published in January a full series of articles related to website creation, that will help our audience making the right choices when creating their own websites:

Wordpress configuration series

Following this first set of articles, we've published another related series of articles about WordPress basic installation and configuration, and keep adding new articles to complete it:

February plans

Our articles update is still fully ongoing, and we've started implementing FAQs in all our articles, with more updates coming in over the whole year.

Our plan in terms of SEO for the whole year 2023, except publishing new articles, will be to continuously add one question and answer per article, article after article, for all of our articles - except for guest posts, for which it doesn't really make sense to spend time, money and energy, unless they were so good that they did bring us some good results.

January conclusion

After having missed the opportunity to increase our EPMV with BlackFriday, we were expecting an earnings increase that did not happen due to a traffic drop, and January have been a slightly disappointing month for us, with a short increase in website visits.

In any case, we will keep the work up, and do everything we can to bring more value to our users and better content in the new year to come beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the strategies used to earn passive income with EzoicAds Premium, as in January 2023, be aligned with environmental sustainability goals?
Yes, the strategies used to earn passive income with EzoicAds Premium can be aligned with environmental sustainability by selecting eco-friendly ad partners, optimizing website energy efficiency, and promoting green initiatives through content.
What steps can you take to increase passive income with EzoicAds Premium?
To increase passive income with EzoicAds Premium, focus on optimizing ad placements, creating engaging content, utilizing high-paying keywords, and leveraging Ezoic’s analytics to refine your monetization strategy.

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