Best ad exchange network

Best ad exchange network

Best ad networks for publishers

There are many ad exchange networks available to monetize your web site or blog. The best way to monetize it? Register at Ezoic mediation partner, which will select for yourself the highest paying ads for your website based on an auction system.

All the below ad network will be taken in consideration, except for Google AdSense, as they have a very strict acceptation policy, and you must register yourself independently to have their ads taken in consideration in the advertisement mediation.

Best ad networks for publishers

Best CPM ad networks

The best ad networks for CPM are Google AdSense in conjunction with Ezoic mediation system. That way, the best paying ads possible are selected from all below top ad networks, making it the best way to secure the highest ad bidding possible on the advertisement mediation system.

Best CPM ad networks

Top ad networks

The most famous and difficult to enter, Google AdSense is also one of the ad networks that offers the greatest results.

Google AdSense - Make Money Online through Website Monetization is an other contextual advertiser, based on Bing and Yahoo ads system. global advertising company

Conversant ad server might cost money, and therefore is probably not the best choice especially for small or starting websites.

Ad Tech Services | Technology Suite | Conversant
Conversant Ad Server VS DoubleClick - Technologies Market Share

The RhythmOne digital advertising technology uses a lot of video advertisement to monetize your web pages.

RhythmOne provides innovative digital media solutions for brands to connect with consumers

The Komoona system works best for shopping and news sites, and takes a bit of time for their ads to fully optimize for your websites.

Ad Network Review: Komoona - MonetizeMore

Index Exchange, an ad exchange company, has very few reviews on the Internet. Therefore, it is difficult to really say if it is worth considering.

Index Exchange: Home

Sovrn is a company that had some internal issues, laying people off, and therefore being difficult to trust as a new publisher looking to join another ad exchange network.

Sovrn: Advertising Technology for Publishers
Sovrn Holdings Review for Publishers

Kiosked is another one of the online advertisement management agency that seems to have its own internal problems, and might not be the best network to join.

Start Monetizing your Website with Kiosked

The OpenX programmatic advertising platform is combining ad server with real time bidding exchange, making sure that the ads revenue is as high as possible.

OpenX: Programmatic Advertising | Ad Exchange Network

Trion Interactive focuses on mobile devices video advertising, such as in-game video advertisement.

Trion Interactive

Criteo offers personalized re targeting advertising, meaning the ads displayed are based on previous visits and behavior of the website visitors.

Criteo: The advertising platform for the open Internet

The Trade Desk is a self service advertising platform, meaning that a high level of involvement is necessary to leverage benefits from their ad exchange program.

The Trade Desk | A clearer view of digital advertising

Exponential offers advertising intelligence and digital media solutions.

Exponential: Home

CJ affiliate offers affiliate marketing. The platform has several partners, and it is necessary for each of them to apply, be accepted, and manage the advertisement publication on your websites.

CJ Affiliate

AdMedia also offers advertisement mediation. It seems like they are not trustworthy, and fail to pay the promised amounts.

AdMedia Online Ad Network | Affiliate Advertising Solutions
AdMedia CPA - CPA Network Reviews - Affpaying

Smaato targets mobile publishers and mobile applications. It offers great opportuntiies especially for mobile application developers to monetize they mobile apps.

Smaato: Mobile Advertising and App Monetization Platform
Smaato Review - Best Mobile Ad Networks |

TripleLift offers OTT advertising, meaning very similar to how television advertisement works.


Chitika offers search targeted advertisement website monetization solutions. Chikita is another good way to monetize a blog. It works mostly on visits coming from search engines however, meaning that a link getting its traffic from direct clicks will not benefit much from this ad exchange network.

Chitika | Online Advertising Network | Where data drives innovation
Chitika Overview & Guide : Contextual Ad Network For Blog

Iponweb is another real time ad exhange program.

IPONWEB - Global Leader in Real-Time Advertising Technology

Facebook Audience Network is a mobile applications ads exchange program from Facebook. As it limits itself to mobile application advertisement, it might not fit any kind of digital project.

Facebook Audience Network | Facebook for Developers

Skimlinks is specialized in in-text contextual advertising. It might be a great way to monetize a text oriented digital project.

Skimlinks: Home | Industry Leader In Affiliate Marketing Solutions
Top ad networks

What is an ad network

An ad network is a company that finds advertisers, and select on which of their publishing partners the ads will be best fitted to lead to a click and a sale.

What is an ad network

What is a good CPM rate

The average CPM rate is 3$ CPM, meaning 3$ per 1000 thousand impressions, and an average of 0.75$ CPC, meaning paid per click.

On average, 0.35% of visits are leading to a click.

Meaning that if you get 1000 visitors, chances are you will have 3.5 of them that will click on your ads, generating around 3$ of revenues for you.

What is a good CPM rate

Which ad network pays the best

The best ad exchange network is Ezoic, a mediation program, meaning it will select and display the highest paying ads with the most chances of leading to revenues for the advertiser.

It also offers great artificial intelligence, with in depth analytics that goes much deeper than others analytics solutions.

Which ad network pays the best

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