GIMP: Batch Resize Multiple Images

In various occasions, it is useful to update in one shot a batch of photos. This operation takes a few minutes to setup using the Batch image manipulation plugin for the GIMP.

Batch photo resizer

In various occasions, it is useful to update in one shot a batch of photos. This operation takes a few minutes to setup using the Batch image manipulation plugin for the GIMP.

Using the GIMP batch resize plugin BIMP, performing a GIMP resize image in batch only takes a few steps, explained below and detailed with pictures.

How to do a GIMP batch processing on images? Using BIMP plugin (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)
Steps to use GIMP to resize multiple images
  1. Download and install BIMP plugin
  2. Restart GIMP if already started
  3. Select the GIMP Batch Image Manipulation plugin from the file menu
  4. Add the manipulations to perform in batch (eg: batch resize images)
  5. Add the pictures to manipulate in batch to the selection
  6. Select an output plugin for resized images
  7. Start the batch images update and wait for the result!

What is batch processing

It means processing as many files as you want at once, for example a batch resize will resizer thousands of files in one operation.

Is there a way to resize multiple pictures at once

In only a few clicks, it is possible to update as many images as you want - batch shrink images, batch convert images to jpg, batch crop images... and any kind of batch image processing.

Photo resizing software for windows 10

First of all, download and install the GIMP Batch image manipulation plugin - assuming, of course, that you already have installed the great GNU Image Manipulation Program, the GIMP.

BIMP. GIMP Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP
GIMP download windows free image resizer

Resize multiple images at once

You can then start The GIMP, and launch the Batch image manipulation plugin from GIMP File menu.

As a batch processing example, let's optimize about 15000 images of all kind (jpg, png, ...), for a total size of 1.5GB. Two operations will be necessary for the batch resize jpg : batch picture resizer, and batch convert to jpg.

First step, resize action from the BIMP standard options. Select then your options - in my case, resize them all to 200 pixels wide, preserving their aspect ratios.

Resize pictures windows 10

Then, add a second action, change of format and compression. Here again, it is possible to select a few options, the more important being the quality. But feel free to play with the advanced paramaters and see what is working best for you.

How to optimize pictures for website

Now that all GIMP actions are setup, select your images - one by one, or folder by folder It took about 5 minutes to generate the list of my 15 000 images.

Check the Keep folder hierarchy option in case you have subfolders. The resulting images will follow the same hierarchy in the new folder.

Finally, click on Apply, and wait for the magic to happen. In my example (about 15 000 images, 1.5GB), it took about 45 minutes to complete the whole pic resize batch. This of course depends on the resize image processing power.

How to optimize images for page speed

Result is as follow : 1.5GB before batch resize and format / compression change, and 170MB after. This is how powerful and easy the GIMP is !

what is a good google page speed score

For example, this allowed me to pass the  Google PageSpeed   test Optimize images on a website, going up from a score of 17 on mobile to 51, and up from 35 to 59 on desktop.

PageSpeed Insights
Optimize Images PageSpeed Insights Google Developers

How to optimize images for website

Using the free photo editor app GIMP as an image resizer for windows, this all in one solution will reduce picture size, which will improve the pagespeed insights website speed test. After the resize pictures, they will use less space, and will be faster to download on the Web, which is also what website optimization is all about. Do a check website speed after the gimp resize image and see for yourself how your speed score improved !

Resize multiple images is pretty easy with a free picture resizer such as GIMP image editor, and is great for your website speed optimization.

BIMP GIMP bulk image resizer

BIMP GIMP, a plugin for the GIMP photo editor is a very easy to use batch image resizer.

Batch resize images in GIMP simply and easy by installing the BIMP GIMP plugin, with a simple installer available for Windows.

Once installed, open GIMP and perform a pic resize batch with GIMP batch image manipulation plugin in file > batch image manipulation.

All these operations are possible in batch using BIMP GIMP batch photo resizer:

  • GIMP resize image,
  • GIMP batch resize,
  • GIMP shrink image,
  • GIMP resize picture,
  • GIMP reduce file size,
  • GIMP reduce image size,
  • GIMP crop image to size,
  • GIMP resize photo,
  • GIMP batch crop,
  • GIMP batch convert to JPG,
  • and many more GIMP batch image manipulation options.
BIMP GIMP batch image manipulation plugin

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