Add hibernate to Windows 10

How to get hibernate option in Windows 10

When starting a fresh Windows 10, it might happen that the hibernate option, which turns the computer to sleep mode without using power, is missing from the Windows menu.

However, it is possible to add it back simply.

Windows 10 add hibernate to power menu

Open the Control Panel in Search > Control Panel .

There, go in Hardware and Sound menu .

Click on Change what the power buttons do .

And here, simply check the Hibernate box to add it back to the power options – it might first be needed to click on Change settings that are currently unavailable in case the checkbox is greyed out

And that’s it ! The Hibernate power option is now back in the Windows menu

Windows 10 hibernate missing

When hibernate option disappeared on Windows 10, simply go to search > control panel > hardware and sound > change what the power buttons do, and check the hibernate box.

The Windows 10 missing hibernate option will be back in the power option menu.

Sleep mode missing Windows 10

Adding the missing sleep mode button is Windows 10 can be done in the control panel > choose what the power button does > change settings that are currently unavailable, scroll down to the shutdown settings part, and check the box next to sleep setting.

The missing sleep power button in Windows will be back in the power menu options.

Add sleep and hibernate to Windows 10

To add sleep and hibernate buttons to Windows 10 power menu, follow these steps, as shown in below screenshots:

- search for power and sleep in Windows search,

- scroll down to additional power settings,

- select choose what the power buttons do,

- click change settings that are currently unavailable,

- check show sleep in power menu and show hibernate in power menu,

- save changes to get the power options back.

The sleep button is now visible in power menu, as well as the hibernate added to Windows 10 power menu, accessible from the Windows start menu.

How to solve Windows 10 sleep mode missing

To solve Windows 10 sleep mode missing, search for power & sleep settings > additional power settings > choose what the power buttons do > check show in power menu for the sleep option.

This will add back the Windows 10 sleep mode missing to the Windows10 power button options, and it can directly be used again in the power menu.

How To Fix Missing Hibernation Option On Windows 10

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