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How to install Gnome desktop on Ubuntu

You just upgraded your Ubuntu for 11.04 [1], and don't like the new Unity desktop interface (Fig 1), so you would like to get back to the good old Gnome one (Fig 2), to get back your applets and other things. Or maybe you are not sure for the moment if you should upgrade your Ubuntu or not.

Ubuntu, free and powerful operation system

Anyway, do not panic, you can easily, in Ubuntu 11.04, get back to Gnome (Fig 2).

I was personally surprised, after upgrading to 11.04, to loose the most important and useful parts of my desktop interface, which are the dashboard applets (Fig 3).

Step 1: disconnect user

But it is so easy to change and get back to the Gnome desktop (Fig 2). You just have to disconnect (Fig 4), if you haven't already done it.

Step 2: select desktop type

Then, select Ubuntu classic (Fig 5) after you have chosen your user on login screen.

Image alexandrep, ubuntu-fr.org, unity selection

You then just have to log in, and will find back your Gnome environment (Fig 2), with your favorite applets (Fig 3)!

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