Prestashop how to create discount and voucher codes (percentage, fixed amount, ...)

Prestashop how to create discount and voucher codes

Creating a percentage discount code, meaning the customer enters a specific character string at the end of order process, and gets ABC% discount on his order, is pretty easy - and it is even a standard functionality of Prestashop, called a Cart Rule in latest 1.6 version.

See more detail in Prestashop online documentation

Step 1: create cart rule

To create a discount code, in the administration panel, go to Price Rules => Cart Rules

There, click Add new cart rule:

Step 2: enter discount detail

In the INFORMATION tab, enter the discount details : name, description, and the code you want to use, or use the Generate button to have a code randomly generated by Prestashop.

Step 3: configure discount

In the CONDITIONS tab, enter your specific conditions (if any) : customer selection, date range, order amount, number of coupons, ...

In the ACTIONS tab, select how your discount will work. For example, to apply 15% to all orders using the coupon, select the Apply a discount => Percent (%), and enter 15 in the Value field.

Step 4: save cart rule

Save your Cart rule, and see it successfully created in the list of cart rules.

Step 5: test voucher code

You can then see it working by creating an order, and entering the coupon code in the VOUCHERS field. The cart values will be automatically recalculated.

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