Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Fiverr Affiliate Program Review

Currently, due to technological development in all areas, the topic of remote earnings right from home has become popular. Moreover, earnings on the Internet can be both basic and additional, in their free time from the main job. Therefore, various freelance exchanges have become as popular as possible. These are exchanges on which customers give various tasks, and performers perform them for a certain fee.

Fiverr is just such an exchange, only unlike other similar resources, there is a fixed amount of remuneration for the work performed. Five dollars are paid for one task. This platform is convenient because customers can order work at a bargain price, and performers can receive money for simple tasks by remotely completing tasks.

The Fiverr platform is notable for the fact that tasks of a different plan are available here. These include: tasks related to animation and graphics, tasks related to the IT sphere, including programming and testing, SEO, services related to translation and writing of texts. In addition to such tasks that require at least some skills and knowledge, there are other tasks on the Fiverr exchange. For example, record a video on a specific topic or create a creative advertisement. In any case, for each performer there is a task to his liking and according to his capabilities.

The Fiverr service was launched in 2009, and during this time, more than fifty million orders have been completed on the platform.

The main advantages of the Fiverr freelance exchange

On the Fiverr exchange, a system of performers has been thought out and created, consisting of three levels. There is also protection against fraud: the money for the order is blocked on the customer's account until he confirms the completion of the work. Once this happens, the performer receives their earned money. The platform provides for the ability to communicate in a private chat between the client and the customer, but they cannot see each other's details.

Fiverr platform: hire freelancers, sell your skills online

Before choosing a contractor, customers can analyze the following information:

  • First of all, it is the user's rating on the platform. For each completed order, the contractor is given an assessment for his work on a five-point scale.
  • The second point is user reviews. The principle of their appearance is the same as with the rating.
  • The third point that the customer can pay attention to is the amount of work performed. This is important if professional skills are required to complete the required assignment.
  • In addition to all this information, there is a profile description column, where the performer can tell about himself, his skills, other work-related information, and, if desired, the user can post links to his personal social networks.

As for the performer tiers, there are three of them on Fiverr. When registering on the platform, the user receives the status of a new seller, for such an account there are the following restrictions: seven active lots, two gig extras for five, ten or twenty dollars, as well as up to five additional options.

In order to go to the first level, you need to fulfill some conditions. To get started, you need to complete ten personal orders, and in addition to be registered on Fiverr for thirty or more days. Based on all completed orders, the performer's rating must be at least four stars. In addition, a user who wants to move to the second level should have a low cancellation rate, or even better, if there is no such rate at all. After all these conditions are met, the performer loses the “new seller” status and gets the first level.

What are the advantages of the first level for the performer? First, fifteen active lots become available. Secondly, four gig extras for five, ten, twenty or forty dollars. Third, up to ten available extensions. To move to the second level, you also need to fulfill certain requirements.

There are the following conditions for getting the second level on the Fiverr exchange.

  • First, you need to complete fifty personal tasks.
  • Secondly, the rating of the performer should be four to five stars. To do this, you need to be attentive to the execution of the order and to do your job as efficiently as possible.
  • Third, do not allow canceled orders. You need to take only those tasks that can be completed on time, and only those that the performer can do.

What are the benefits of reaching this level for the performer? The maximum number of lots is twenty; five gig extras for five, ten, twenty, forty or fifty dollars. In addition, the user gets the possibility of priority support and up to fifteen extensions.

How the Fiverr freelance exchange works

Once the registration is successfully completed, the user can immediately create a Gig. This is a kind of advertisement for the sale of a service. In the order, he indicates everything that the buyer will receive for the cost indicated in the Giga.

For example, a buyer wants to find a contractor to write an article. He enters the necessary parameters into the search, and sees those sellers who can do the job. Before submitting an application to the seller, the buyer must study the profile - how many orders have been completed, what rating and reviews. If everything suits you, then you can apply. The seller sees this application and looks at what nuances will be required from him. If everything suits you, then you can agree and start working on order.

When the job is finished, the freelancer gets his money for the job. The buyer, in turn, can rate him, as well as a freelancer to the buyer. A transparent user rating system shows who can and cannot work with.

Fiverr Affiliate Exchange Referral Program

In addition to all the benefits of freelancing and remote work, the Fiverr exchange has an affiliate program that will increase the user's basic income.

In order to become a member of this program, you need to register and join the program, it's absolutely free. This gives the Fiverr partner access to dedicated marketing tools to help them figure out how to drive in more traffic and earn passively. For each new user listed on the exchange using a special link, the user will receive five dollars.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Benefits

  1. Maximum earnings. You can get paid for each customer for the first time, without referral restrictions and lifetime attribution.
  2. Professional support. You can access professional support, guides and a dedicated partner manager.
  3. Intuitive dashboards. Easy-to-use dashboards for launching, managing and monitoring ad campaigns.
  4. Creative resources. A portfolio of highly effective creative resources that will help the user to promote and drive traffic.

Commission plan

  • Fiverr CPA - fifteen to one hundred and fifty dollars per conversion. This is a dynamic CPC based on which service your first customer buys.
  • Fiverr Hybrid - ten dollars CPA and ten dollars per revshare. Fixed cost per conversion for the first purchase and revshare for twelve months.

Choosing between these two commission plans, the choice can be made in favor of a hybrid, since the price is fixed.

In conclusion: should you join the Fiverr affiliate program?

This is an international freelance exchange that gives you the opportunity to remotely earn on your unique abilities and skills. Users can earn income from various fields of activity - copywriting, design, programming, education, etc.

The essence of earning with Fiverr referal is very simple: register on the maximum number of sites where affiliate programs operate, get links and distribute them. The more links you place on various resources, the more opportunity you will earn. But it's not just where you link, it's also how you do it.

Freelance exchange Fiverr and its affiliate program looks very attractive to its users. As a Fiverr Affiliate, you gain the opportunity for additional passive income by increasing traffic and inviting new users. In addition, the seller on the exchange will always be provided with interesting and well-paid orders.

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