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Wordpress get all pages

In order to get the list of links from your Wordpress websites - which you might need for example to get all links from a website to share it, or create a list or redirection pages after a Wordpress change site URL, install the plugin All In One SEO Pack.

See WordPress howto install a plugin if your aren't sure how to proceed.

Sitemap XML Wordpress plugin

From the administration interface, go to the All in One SEO > XML Sitemap menu to get all links, and there click on Update Sitemap >> and, after all is done, open to view your sitemap link.

How to create XML sitemap

You can here see your sitemap, nicely rendered by the browser.

A sitemap is list of all links on your website, therefore select all with CTRL-A, and copy it to the clipboard with CTRL-C.

Wordpress link list

Paste it in an Excel sheet for example. As you can see, the list of links will need a little work to be usable

Select the first 7 lines of the wp links, and delete them :

You can then add a filter to play with your data which contains all internal page links, as provided by  the WordPress‌  sitemap XML plugin.

... and filter as you please !

This list can now be used to proceed with XML sitemap SEO, to improve SEO sitelinks, or to redirect Wordpress site to another URL, by making a proper redirection for all URLs listed.

In that case, all Wordpress internal links should be redirected to the new one, to make sure no SEO is lost. In some cases, it might be necessary to do it URL by URL.

How to create sitelinks in Wordpress

Sitelinks in Wordpress, also called sitemap, can be created using an SEO plugin such as Yoast plugin. It will automatically create the sitelink for Wordpress.

How to find Wordpress sitemap.xml

How to find Wordpress sitemap.xml?  the WordPress‌  sitelink can be access at website/sitemap.xml. The file is created automatically by plugins such as Yoast, which will create  the WordPress‌  sitelinks SEO sitemap file.

XML sitemap to Excel

In Excel, open an XML sitemap by using the hidden ribbon menu developer > import > open sitemap.xml.

XML sitemap to Excel

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