Content Delivery Olympiads: 31% Faster Web Page Load!

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What is the fastest host and CDN option to make Web Pages Load Faster and rank higher on search engines by getting a better bounce rate? This question is being asked by every single online publisher, but doesn't have an easy answer. However, the following test might help you getting closer to your own ideal solution, that can make your web pages load 31% by simply changing the hosting solution and using another CDN.

Needing to move to one of the Ezoic compatible hosts in order to activate full Ezoic caching and increase website monetization by getting all websites to run faster, get more visitors, and make more money, it was a tough path to finally find an ideal solution!

How to Make Web Pages Load Faster? Use InterServer Cloud VPS with Ezoic platform CDN and cache

First using EX2 shared hosting in France, after having reached the limit of 10 websites, another hosting was necessary, Bluehost shared hosting being chosen as it got the highest ratings online, however, quickly disappointed by a terrible administration interface, quickly found a way to transfer domain from BlueHost to another host.

Contacted to review their services, an Interserver web hosting account was created on shared hosting, and results have been pretty good regarding performances and page load speed.

Shared hosting security anti-AI bot identifies some requests as bots, displays a captcha that gets cached by Ezoic Cache and cannot be solved by visitors, it was necessary to move to dedicated hosting.

InterServer Cloud VPS was chosen, being one of the highest rated hosts, leading to 4 different hosting setups active, each with sites running on the same custom-made Content Management System: WCIFLYCMS.

But is a dedicated hosting, more expensive than shared, faster and worthy? And what about Ezoic? Is it better to move all websites there?

To answer these questions, a PHP script was created, that would test HTML delivery speed on each of these setups, for sites with and without Ezoic, on 3 different tests, each site being requested after the other, 10 times in total, execution times being added to compare overall HTMLdelivery results from different locations around the world, using RusVPN service (one of the  Best VPN ‌  around with servers in many countries) to change browsing location:

  • Static HTML: The exact same HTML file with only a HELLO
  • Home page: homepages which vary in content, using the same CMS
  • Blog post: latest blog post which vary in content, using the same CMS

Content Delivery Olympics: best solutions to load pages faster

After having run the script from 14 various locations around the world, added up the HTML delivery time, and compared them, the winners are as follow.

How to make web pages load faster?

  1. 15 gold medals: Interserver Cloud VPS +  Ezoic platform ‌  CDN and full cache
  2. 9 gold medals:  Interserver hosting ‌  shared with  Ezoic platform ‌  CDN
  3. 7 gold medals:  EX2 hosting ‌  shared with  Ezoic platform ‌  CDN and full cache

In details, making Web Pages load faster can be as simple as using the systems topping this comparison, which does not take the whole range of possibilities in consideration, but offers enough choice to validate that using  Interserver, ‌  and their Cloud VPS offer in particular, generally is better than using other hosts, as the Web pages load faster with their products than others.

Then, if websites have enough audience, using the  Ezoic platform ‌  Page Speed Accelerator along with their cache system and CDN simply speeds up content loading by a whopping 17% on average!

Best solution to make web pages load faster

  • InterServer Cloud VPS is 18% faster than a standard shared host
  • Ezoic CDN speeds up shared hosting content delivery by 21 to 29%
  • Ezoic caching speeds up content delivery by 17%
  • Using the best combination, InterServer Cloud VPS + Ezoic CDN with Cache, content delivery can speed up by 31% compared to a standard shared hosting!
  • Is Ezoic slowing down websites? No! It speeds them up
How fast is Ezoic, is Ezoic slow? Ezoic speeds up web pages load by 21 to 29%

With these figures in mind, you might now be able to choose the best configuration to make web pages load faster from your  Wordpress blog ‌  or any other content project website, by simply switch to InterServer Cloud VPS and using  Ezoic platform ‌  full range of functionalities, which are totally free if your website has enough audience, or can be used at a charge for the  Site Speed Accelerator ‌  if your website has low audience, typically below 10,000 unique visitors a month.

Download the full study: Content Delivery Olympics, how to make your web pages load faster?

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Countries used for testing web pages load speed

The following countries have been used to change IP address and test web page delivery speed from static HTML page, websites home page and latest blog post:

Content Delivery Olympics: Web Pages 31% Faster Load!

Content Delivery Olympics: Web Pages 31% Faster Load!

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