How To Start An eCommerce Site On Wordpress

How To Start An eCommerce Site On Wordpress

Today, knowing how to start an ecommerce site on WordPress is essential for those who want to make their way in this new form of marketing, since the 90s this form of marketing has begun a dizzying rise, so much so that today the volume of online transactions easily doubles those made locally.

But, is it difficult to enter this technological world?

How To Start An Ecommerce Site On Wordpress

Fortunately, technology, in its ascent, has been accompanied by tools that day by day make it more understandable, and provide ease of access to it to any human, one of those tools is precisely WordPress.


This is one of the most efficient tools, and is very useful when considering how to start an ecommerce on WordPress, this site has available a varied number of tools that facilitate the work of creating an online store, variety of plugins, highlighting the WooCommerce for efficiency, versatility, and functionality that will give the e-commerce.

On WordPress, you will have no limits to generate products, you will have a variety of functions to organize them in the categories you decide, you can create attributes, and add them to the products, but that's not all, on this platform you can create systems for payments, for shipments, and create an efficient management of orders.

To create an e-commerce it is essential that this is seen on the network, Internet is the main showcase for products to be marketed, the presence of the business that you want to implement is the most important thing to start.

As in all the goals that you want to carry out, the planning, the organization, and the control are basic aspects that must be taken care of, to realize the sequence of steps that you will undertake will help in the attainment of the objective, a good way to take the control ofhow to start an ecommerce site on WordPress is this one that we raise next.

Inventory Of Requirements

Everything that is intended to do on the Internet to have presence and sell, requires a place to store the information of the site that is intended to be created, these places are known as Hosting, and in this link you will find WP Engine.

It is the best platform for WordPress, the fastest, and most reliable, offers the best WordPress solutions for any type of agency, and is a guarantee for these, and their services to grow, providing a range of tools for hosting, management, billing, reporting, and provides the possibility of business with the resale of hosting.

WP Engine has a Professional plan that no competitor can beat, for 3 sites with capacity for more than 75,000 monthly visits, with which you will have 15 GB of storage, and 125 GB of bandwidth, with the option of one more site for a very low price.

Among the advantages offered by WP Engine, you have:

  • Automatic plugin update
  • SOC 2 in security levels
  • Constant monitoring, which ensures immediate detection and resolution of errors.
  • Guaranteed faster e-commerce site up to 40%, and a substantial improvement in sales of up to 18%.
  • High SEO optimization
  • Cache optimization, so it does not require other plugins.
  • 2-month warranty, including money-back guarantee
  • 24 hours of support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Ease of migration, and site management
  • Variety of plans, in addition to the professional, it has eCommerce, Growth, Scale
  • Tools for developers

There are many providers of these sites, but none offers the advantages of WP Engine.

In the same way the site needs a name, this means that you need a domain on the Internet, Internet service providers offer this service, you should think of a popular name that identifies the business.

Installing Wordpress

In order to do the installation, there are a variety of sites where you only have to click on a link, and you will have the installation, with WP Engine this task is very simple.

Configure The Dashboard To The Desired Language

The dashboard on WordPress is a component similar to the dashboard of a car, you must have at hand all the necessary instruments or tools, and it is vital that they are in the right language, go into the Settings, search and adjust the Language of the site.

Remove The Default Pages

In  the WordPress   dashboard you have a section identified as pages, enter this section, among the default pages are the test pages, which it is advisable to delete, do it in the box on the left by selecting the page, and look for the option to move to the trash in the menu above the page title.

Removal Of Default Plugins

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This action is carried out in the section called Plugins, you must select them, then click on deactivate, select it again and choose the Remove option, with this action you will get a page with faster loading speed.

Decide Which Plugins Are Necessary, And Install Them.

A good recommendation is the installation of Orbit Fox, it will help in the organization, and in the addition of different elements, icons, blocks, modules and templates.

Another plugin that you should not leave aside is WP Forms, it will be very useful in the creation of forms, and WooCommerce, it will be useful for the creation of the store.

To activate them, you must go to Plugins, click on Add new, a list will be displayed where you will choose the plugin to install.

Although, if you decide to work with WP Engine hosting, you will not need other plugins.

Configuring The Use Of The Woocommerce Tool

This tool needs a configuration, the tool itself facilitates this process, you must indicate in which country the store is located, address of this in detail, currency to be used in the store for payments.

The configuration also includes information about shipping, which methods will be used, and the zones that will be available.

Review Of The Pages With The E-Commerce Approach

At this stage of the procedures on how to start an e-commerce site in  the WordPress   dashboard, you can verify in the Pages section, that there are new pages, Cart, Checkout, My Account, and one called Store, although it is the basics that are needed, already the store can work.

Configure The Selected Themes

When we talk about the theme, we refer to the design that the site will have, WordPress offers a wide variety of themes, in this section creativity is essential to make the site look attractive.

Customize The Store

WordPress has a section identified as Appearance, this is intended for editing the appearance of the store, in this section you can make changes to the images and texts.

Upload Products

This action offers two modes, massive, and manual, you can select the most appropriate option for your store.

In conclusion: How to start an E-Commerce WordPress site

As a conclusion it is worth noting that the better you configure your store, the more chances of success, the information of the products that customers should see must be sufficient and convincing, the use of contact forms are essential to meet the demands of customers.

With the WP Engine platform, you will have the guarantee of having the necessary support to keep your online business in optimal and productive functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an ecommerce site on WordPress?
This is the development of small and medium-sized businesses, the opening of new innovative projects, as well as the modernization of existing companies, the reduction of shadow turnover, the improvement of legal and digital literacy of the population and entrepreneurship.

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Transform your digital presence with our comprehensive Website Creation course – start your journey to becoming a web expert today!

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