FileZilla retrieve password of an FTP website connection in Windows

When FTP websites connections are set up in FileZilla connection manager, it is possible to retrieve the password, along other connections information, and even pass it to an other FileZilla installation.

Going from the list of FTP connections setup :

If you want to get to the information available in the connection manager, including password :

For Windows installation, go to the following folder :

There, a file sitemanager.xml will be present :

This file contains all connections information for all the FTP connections setup - simply copy and paste the file if you install FileZilla on another computer and want to reuse the connections

The passwords are displayed encrypted with Base64 UTF-8 encryption algorithm.

In order to retrieve the password, use for example as below - you can also use it to encrypt a new password and paste it directly in the sitemanager.xml file

Managing FTP connections in FileZilla

The FileZilla open-source software is one of the best way to manage an FTP connection to download and upload files on a remote FTP server, which is usually the way used to transfer data to a website storage.

It is very easy to use, and can easily be tweaked to fit your needs and manage any number of remote servers and FTP connections you might have.

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