How to Make a Web Site for Free?

How to Make a Web Site for Free?

Today, a substantial number of individuals prefer web-based platforms to make money. Most of them host a website or a blog to earn money through blogging or affiliate marketing. No matter the reason, having an appealing site stands paramount. If you don't have an intriguing web presence (a website), you won't be able to scale your venture. Essentially, a site is your online address just like a brick-and-mortar office. However, owning a website comes with a cost. People who don't have enough money often seek ways on how to make a web site for free. If you’re one such marketer/entrepreneur, you’ve come to the right place.

How to make a web site for free?

When it comes to owning a site, you need to pay attention to two aspects - website design and hosting. Both parameters are essential. Any cut corners on your end can be disastrous. You need an impressive website design as well as a reliable web hosting provider. If you can manage these two aspects properly, half of your job gets completed.

Any hosting provider can fit the budget of an amateur entrepreneur. You can check hundreds of web hosts on the net. In line with your requirements and budget, you may choose the option that matches your specifics. However, building a website is a costly proposition. You may have to invest anywhere between $500 and $25,000 depending on the complexity of the web design.

As an amateur, you may not have $500 to $1,000 for a basic website. If so, your dream to run a web-based venture can get shattered. How do you resolve this problem? Finding a free website builder is the right solution for your situation. You can come across numerous site builders available for free. The key lies in choosing the right website builder. A little bit of homework and comparison shopping should come in handy.

After joining a free site-building service, browse through their available website designs. Choose the option matching your requirements (a blog or a store). Use the drag-and-drop editor to make changes to text and images. Next, come up with a domain name. The domain name should match your niche or describe your product.

Now, put the content on the chosen site design and optimize it with keywords. Don’t forget to add appealing images to your site. Next, promote your website through organic methods (search engines) and social media platforms. If your site is well optimized for users and search engines, it should show up in search results and steer visitors (potential customers), which is your ultimate aim.

Why Strikingly is the best choice?

At this point, you know how to make a website for free. Now, you might be desperate to sign up for a free site builder. However, don't be in haste. Many free site-building services don't live up to your expectations. You need to pick the best service such as Strikingly free web site builder‌. Strikingly offers some of the best features for any newbie entrepreneur/marketer.

First of all, signing up for the services is free (read our full Strikingly review‌). Fill up the necessary details and you’re ready to build a website in 5 minutes. There are no delays or multiple validation options, which is the case with other services. Secondly, Strikingly offers a myriad of website-building options. For example, if you want to build a blog, you may choose blog designs from the available options. Store designs could be the best choice to sell books or other items. The service has covered all of your needs concerning website designs.

The most important benefit of joining Strikingly is it has beautiful designs. As a result, you can create a professional yet intriguing site using the service for free. Each of the designs is optimized for users and search engines. Plus, you can test the designs for free using their free plan. Once you get handy with website building, you may switch over to a paid option depending on your particular requirements.

Closing thoughts

A website is the present and future of any business. Whether you run a retail shop or a mega Corporation you need a professional site to stage your online presence. Although web hosting doesn't pinch your pocket too much, an appealing web design can cost you dearly. In such a situation, free website builders come to your rescue. However, you must find a reliable one such as Strikingly. Go through the service and find out how to make a web site for free. Within minutes, you could create a lovely site and get ready to mark your success online.

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