How to import data from Excel to mySQL using PHPMyAdmin

How to import data from Excel to mySQL using PHPMyAdmin

Import Excel to mySQL phpMyAdmin

It is sometimes easier to work on some data in Excel, before importing in a MySQL database.

In order to do so, here are a few simple steps.

In short : export the Excel file to CSV, and import the CSV in a new table using the PHPMyAdmininterface.

Starting with an Excel, in below example one sheet containing some data:

Select Save As to be able to select another format.

Scroll down to the CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) format.

Confirm that some features will be lost – CSV being a text format, no Excel specifics will be exported (functions, programs, …).

How to import Excel to PHPMyAdmin

In PHPMyAdmin, go to the Import menu.

Browse for the CSV file recently saved, and select the appropriate format:

Look for other options that might apply, for example, if columns have names, check the corresponding option “The first line of the file contains the table column names“, and click Go

Import confirmation should be displayed, and links to the resulting database and table will be shown.

Have you read?

It is now possible to browse through the table !

Using the diverse options, it is also possible to work on the table structure, content, or to move it to another database:

PHPMyAdmin import CSV to MySQL

In PHPMyAdmin, import a CSV file to MySQL is pretty easy.

Once the data has been prepared in CSV, following the table structure, open the table in PHPMyAdmin, go to the tab import, browse for the CSV file to import on your computer, make sure that the CSV format has been selected in file format option, and import the CSV file to MySQL in PHPMyAdmin.

How to import Excel to MySQL PHP MyAdmin

To import Excel to MySQL PHP MyAdmin, export the Excel file to a CSV file. Then, import it in PHP MyAdmin using the CSV data file option.

When importing a file into MySQL from Excel, scroll down to the Format options, and select a CSV file. This will allow to important Excel to MySQL in PHP MyAdmin, without the need to program anything, and simply by using the graphical user interface.

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