cPanel redirect a virtual domain name to another URL

Redirect a domain to another URL

In cPanel, redirecting a domain name to another one is pretty easy ! See below a full example for a redirection of all requests from virtual domain (registered at to the web domain, both hosted on EX2 hosting.

The operation is a little different than redirect website to another website as in this case, the virtual domain has no content and is only a domain name, bought at an auction on

Add a new domain

Starting for the domain list on the Addon Domains menu, find the correct domain, and click on Manage Redirection.

If the domain name has not yet been added as an addon domain in your list of secondary domains, then start by adding it. Click on the add domain button, and enter your addon domain URL.

You can then select it and click on related manage redirection link.

Change addon domain redirection

There, simply add the URL of the website to which this domain should redirect.

Note that you can use either a simple domain name, a full URL including a subdomain, or even include a regular expression which can be similar to an Excel wildcard in order to include specific domain values.

It is not possible to use an IP address instead of a domain name at this stage.

Once the operation is done, a confirmation message should appear and confirm the success of the operation, now redirecting the virtual domain name to another URL.

Addon domain rediction to another URL

And that’s it ! Now, when accessing the domain, the request is automatically redirected to the other domain

The change is instantaneous, and you should directly be able to try it.

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