How Much Money Does a Podcast Make?

There are many different podcasting programs out there, but very few of them can claim to know the answer to the question how much money does a podcast make. A lot of people who want to make a profit on podcasts do not even try to get a real handle on this.

Instead, they just sit around waiting for some kind of magical formula that will magically make their podcasting business go viral and earn them millions overnight.

Getting Started

It's not a good idea to base your business on luck or chance. This is a business you have to work at and one that you need to be able to sustain if you are going to stay successful. So why do so many people jump into the podcasting bandwagon without really looking into what they are getting into? If you want to know how much a podcast makes, then you will have to take the time to learn more about it.

How much money does a podcast make can be determined by many different factors. The first and foremost thing that you should do is find a program that fits your personality. Some programs are designed for people who are very laid back listeners, while others are more of a comedy type of show. The great thing about podcasting is that you can use it for almost any type of business.

You may also need to set up a PayPal account if you plan to  make money online   podcasting. PayPal has a system that allows you to deposit money into your podcasting account, which will allow you to use a credit card for the purchase. A lot of people do not think twice about using their PayPal account to make purchases, so having a PayPal account is pretty easy to setup.

If you are using another currency than the one used by the podcasting platform you will use, which is usually USD, you might want to open lower fees accounts such as Payoneer or TransferWise if you are eligible to use these services in your region.

Even if you are not converting money earned by your podcast, you will need to lower your operation costs by using low maintenance online payment accounts to receive your earnings.

However, before receiving any money from advertising inserting in your podcast episodes, on your blog by publishing and monetizing articles about your podcast or even full transcriptions, or by any other way such as guest contributions, you first have to start with your podcast!

Monetary Numbers

If you're trying to figure out how much money you can make by podcasting, keep in mind that most podcasts make zero income. In other words, they are either unsuccessful or done for fun by amateurs. Understand that if you want to make money podcasting and become a professional, you need to treat it as a business by investing time, energy, and money - and it will take time before bringing you any money, realistically.

How much money podcasts make?

You can make money on a podcast, but a lot depends on the topic, number of listeners and content. But there are other options, for example, podcasts from the tops most often find advertisers and make advertising inserts and make great money on this.

Statistically, if your podcast has about 10,000 downloads per episode, you can expect to earn $500 to $900 per episode from affiliate sales.

With sponsorships, you can make money with the number of downloads. Keep track of this through software that works for you or the statistics kept by the hosting company. Going with this route, you can make around $18 to $50 per thousand downloads or listenings. Podcasts that just started out will go with the lower end of the scale, and $50 is a really high target for successful and targetted podcasts.

Affiliate sales and sponsorships are the most popular ways to monetize a podcast. Looking at the research from IAB and PwC, companies spent $678 million in 2019 on this kind of advertising. With this year alone in 2020, they are predicted to spend over a billion.

IAB FY 2018 Podcast Ad Revenue Study: A Detailed Analysis of the US Podcast Advertising Industry. Prepared by PwC

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Do you want to remain independent of other companies? If so, you need to be on Patreon. Although it won't make you rich, you can charge a modest sum for premium content that's personalized for your fans. It's recommended that you charge anywhere between $1-5 per month while you're just building an audience. This is a great option for amateurs.

If you also have your own domain name and  Wordpress blog   or other type of content website, then you can apply to become an Ezoic partner for free, thus allowing you to upload your video podcast episodes for free on their hosting platform that will get your podcasts episodes to rank on search engines, and monetize them far better than YouTube – the latest only sharing 50% of advertising earnings with content creators, and only after their channel has already reached a large audience.

Business Help

You can also decide how long you would like your program to last. Many podcasters prefer to start their programs around eight weeks and end it at the same time. Others want to take their programs as long as they want, and then continue to host them indefinitely.

Your podcast should have something that you have experience with. If you don't know a lot about web design, you won't be able to create a compelling website with your podcast. If you are not familiar with creating an audio podcast, you won't be able to create quality podcast episodes. The more knowledge that you have about your product, the more you will know about how to promote it and generate high-quality traffic.

There are many money-making programs out there, so you will want to be sure you find the right one for you. Once you find a program that has been proven to make you lots of money, the rest is simple. All you have to do is start marketing it, drive traffic to it, and start making money.

Additional Tips

The best way to learn how much a podcast makes is to find the right program to make your money online podcasting. Make sure you have a clear understanding of how to monetize your podcast before diving into the world of internet marketing and leaving a steady source of income to try to live off your podcast.

After you have determined how much money your podcast is making, you can start looking into ways to drive traffic to it. There are a few different ways to generate traffic. Pay-per-click campaigns can be used on major search engines like Google to get traffic, but this can be quite expensive, and not everyone is willing to spend this much money to drive traffic.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to promote your podcast and bring in traffic. You must find a method that will work for you and your podcast because you will not want to waste time driving traffic to a system that doesn't convert.

In Conclusion

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It's impossible to determine exactly how much money you can make with a podcast since it depends on so many factors. You can learn how much money podcast making programs make by starting a podcast of your own. This can be a lot easier than most people make it look.

If you stick with it in the long-run and remain consistent, it can be a profitable career and can make you a lot of money.

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