7 Best free WordPress Adsense plugins to boost revenue

Discover the top 7 free WordPress AdSense plugins to maximize your website's revenue. Our comprehensive guide explores the most effective plugins for enhancing ad placements, optimizing ad performance, and boosting your earnings with ease. Perfect for bloggers and website owners looking to monetize their online presence effectively.
7 Best free WordPress Adsense plugins to boost revenue

7 Best free WordPress Adsense plugins to boost revenue

Google Adsense and WordPress make the best pair for earning money through website monetization. To make the best out of Adsense, you need to place ads properly on your website. If you place ads somewhere at places, where your audience hardly reaches, then there is no use of adsense.

You might be aware of Google Adsense has a feature for placing advertisements on the website on its own. It is called Google Auto ads.

What’s special with this Google Auto Ads?

You just need to place one code in your header and Google will take care of the placement. That looks cool, right?

But, what’s the downside of Auto ads?

Google Auto ads will be placing advertisements in random locations based on various experiments. If you want an adsense ad permanently on the sidebar, say, you want to place it with a matching background color, then you need to tell Google Adsense that you want an advertisement to be placed on your own style apart from the ads displayed by auto ads.

To do this, you need to create ad codes at the Google Adsense dashboard and then place the code in the location where you want.

If you are using WordPress, then we must make use of the numerous Adsense plugins available for this purpose.

What if your website does not have to Google Adsense Approval?

If you are one among the million Bloggers who don’t have access to Google Adsense, you don’t have to worry. It is one of the well known facts, getting a Google Adsense approval is very tough. But, that is not the end of website monetization.

You can still  monetize your website   content with Google Adsense Alternatives. You can earn almost an equivalent amount of what you will earn through Google Adsense.

In this article, wherever I mention placing Google Adsense code, you can place your ad code from other ad networks. Apart from one or two plugins, the rest will work fine.

Best AdSense alternative plugin

But before diving in the Wordpress plugins made for AdSense integration specifically, let’s have a quick look at an AdSense alternative that offers a WordPress plugin for monetization and that will increase your AdSense earnings.

With the free plugin used with the Ezoic AdASense alterantive it is very simple to  monetize your website   and get high earning advertisement placeholders on all your pages.

While exploring the 7 best free WordPress AdSense plugins to boost your revenue, it's important to consider how these tools integrate with more comprehensive ad management systems. In this context, the Ezoic WordPress Plugin offers a unique solution. As we delve into in our detailed presentation of the Ezoic WordPress Plugin, you'll discover how it not only complements traditional AdSense plugins but also provides advanced features for optimizing your ad placements and maximizing revenue. Understanding Ezoic's capabilities can give you a broader perspective on optimizing your website's ad strategy.

Top free WordPress Adsense Plugins:

As I said already, there are many free Adsense plugins, but let me list the best adsense plugins for WordPress.

1) Adsense Plugin WP Quads

This plugin allows you to add different ad codes and widget codes. For each code, this plugin provides you a shortcode and php code. You can implement this ad code anywhere in between the content, or in the php files of your website too.

You can also set ads to display randomly. Thus any one among these 9 adsense codes will be used. You can even import/export this plugin’s settings. This would be useful when you have multiple websites. Also, you can set the number of ads you want to display on each page.

2) Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & Adsense

Advanced Ads is another Adsense plugin that has been updated regularly for a long period of time. And it is one of my favorite plugins. Some of its interesting features include ads.txt support, which has been recently implemented by Adsense. And it has also got a dedicated Gutenberg block for ads.

This is a beginner friendly plugin. It guides in a step-by-step manner, like adding the code, placement, layout, display conditions and visitor conditions.

3) Ad Inserter- Ad Manager & Adsense Ads

Ad Inserter is another adsense plugin that has got more than 200K installations. Ad Inserter is a very simplified plugin. It allows you to add around 16 ad placements, which you can place on your desired pages.

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You can also connect with Adsense directly for getting your Auto Ads code and AMP code from your adsense website.

4) Quick Adsense

Quick AdSense Plugin for Wordpress is a great tool for quality work. 

In essence, a plug-in is a module to the program, which is created separately and, if necessary, can be connected to an already running application. Its main task is to expand the functionality of the main program, adapt the program to the environment, to user requests.

They are designed and used to optimize performance. Therefore, plugins will always help to ensure that processes are carried out quickly, efficiently and correctly.

Quick Adsense is a freemium plugin, meaning it can have got a Pro version with many other features. The Lite version available at the WordPress repository will allow you to add three codes inside the content.

Apart from that, you can also place codes on the Sidebar, Header, and Footer, as these are some key spots for getting more clicks on advertisements.

5) Woody Ad Snippets

Woody Ad snippets is a really cool Adsense plugin. It is not restricted as an Adsense Plugin. It is basically developed to add any code to the Header or Footer.

These are some of the various snippets which you can add.

You must definitely try this plugin with a very neat User Interface.

6) WP Simple Adsense Insertion

As the name suggests, this is a really simple plugin. There are multiple ad slots. You can add the appropriate code and use the provided shortcodes anywhere you want inside your website.

Shortcodes are very handy, but if you plan to change this plugin in the long run, then you will find removing these shortcodes individually as a really tough task.

7) Easy Google Adsense

Easy Google Adsense is a completely automated plugin. All you have to do is that you need to connect the plugin with your Google Adsense account. The plugin takes care of the rest. It implements all your Auto Ad settings.

To make any changes on displaying ads, you will have to access your Google Adsense profile and choose the type of ads that you want to display. The plugin will integrate Auto Ads and the changes will be implemented directly on your site.

Wrapping up:

These are some cool WordPress Adsense plugins. You need not install each one of them. Just choose the one that will match your style and try it out.

Whenever you try the new plugin, just check if it affects your pages peed using or any other similar tool. If you find any plugin affecting your page speed, then it is better to go for an alternative plugin.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Nirmal Kumar from OnlineRockersHub.com
Nirmal Kumar, WordPress Blogger, OnlineRockersHub.com

Nirmal Kumar is a professional WordPress Blogger. He blogs at OnlineRockersHub.com. Apart from crafting WordPress tutorials and guides, he writes about SEO, Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. When he is not crafting content, he finds himself busy with reading books on various genres.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using multiple AdSense plugins on a WordPress site?
Using multiple AdSense plugins can provide enhanced customization options, improved ad placement strategies, and potentially higher revenue through better ad performance and visitor engagement.
What are the top free WordPress plugins for effectively integrating Google AdSense into websites to maximize ad revenue?
Top free AdSense plugins for WordPress include Ad Inserter for advanced ad placement controls, WP Quads for quick and responsive ad placements, Advanced Ads for managing and optimizing ads, AdRotate for rotating ads and tracking performance, Easy Plugin for AdSense for simplicity in ad management, Ads by WPQUADS for AMP support, and Quick AdSense for fast, flexible ad insertions. These plugins help publishers optimize ad placements, improve click-through rates, and increase AdSense earnings.

Learn SEO Basics: Enroll Today!

Boost your website's visibility and traffic by mastering the fundamentals of SEO with our easy-to-follow Basics course.

Start Learning SEO

Boost your website's visibility and traffic by mastering the fundamentals of SEO with our easy-to-follow Basics course.

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