How To Write A Good Blog Article And Get More Traffic?

How To Write A Good Blog Article And Get More Traffic?

Even if your blog does not have a commercial bias, writing a free-form article is still not a good idea. If you want to be interesting to read not only to you, but also to the general public, you need to follow some unwritten rules. We will talk about how to write a good article for your blog in this good article.

These tips will not only help you to  make money online   by getting more quality content that will help your site getting ranked by search engines, it will also help you to  monetize your website   as you will be able to insert more  Affiliate Marketing   links and over kind of passive earning additions to the great content you’ll have created.

Traffic is the number of users who visited the site per unit of time - a day, a month, etc. Traffic sources can be different: search engines, social networks, blogs, forums, as well as direct visits.

High-quality targeted traffic allows companies to expand their customer base, increase sales to online stores, and increase advertising revenue for information portals. In addition, traffic growth is an effective way to find investors, advertisers and business partners.

Blog article writing is the best way to drive more traffic to your site.

But, before being able to do that, you’ll have to focus on creating great content! See below a few tips to achieve that objective.

Structure (skeleton)

Just as the basis in learning a foreign language is grammar. The basis for writing an article is also structure. Writing an article for a blog is slightly different from other literary publications, so the structure should work according to the rules of marketing. Approach article writing from the point of view of the reader (consumer).

Introductory part.

Identify the problem. Put yourself in the place of your target audience and ask questions that you want to answer for them in this article. The prologue should not be too big. Nevertheless, it is almost the most important in the whole article. Your main task at this stage is to attract the reader, to interest him. Make him want to read further. The introductory part is a kind of advertisement for your article.

The main part.

This is, in fact, your article. It should be as readable as possible. To get started, make a plan. Think over subtitles. Try to make sure that under each subheading there are no more than two or three paragraphs, where one paragraph does not exceed 4-5 lines. Highlight the main thing. Write short sentences. Your article should not look like a story, but rather, a well-composed compendium.


In the introductory part, we identified the problem, in the main part we revealed it, described the solution. Now you need to summarize everything written in several sentences and call the reader to action.


  • Determine who your target audience is. When writing the main part, keep this in mind.
  • Decide on the topic. Try to focus not on what you will be interested in writing about, but, first of all, on what will be interesting for your target audience to read.
  • The main part should answer the questions asked in the introduction. With each paragraph, remind yourself what you want to tell the reader and for what purpose write this or that information.
  • Write simply. If it seems to you that writing is TOO simple - write even easier. There is too much information on the Internet, so if you can even write complex topics in easy language, the reader will leave to look for more accessible information on other resources.
  • Not depending on whether you are an expert in what you write, or if you don’t know anything at all on the selected topic - open the search engine. Enter in the Google the topic on which you write, and open the first 10 articles that the search gave you. Read each of them, and highlight for yourself the main points that you find interesting. This will perfectly complement your ideas, and will help in the search for external links to optimize SEO, which will be discussed soon.

Avoid plagiarism. Forget the Copy-Paste feature. Even if this is just one sentence, try to rephrase it, or at least replace a couple of words. The exceptions are citations. But in this case, do not forget to put quotation marks, and indicate a link to the author of the quote or source.

More tips

  • Remember the principle of the abstract and try to write your article using as many subheadings as possible. Try to make them cling.
  • Make a lot of lists - bulleted or numbered. You can also use the construction of first, second. People just love lists! In addition, this makes even very large text easy to read.
  • Highlight important phrases. You can use bold or CAPS LOCK.
  • In the end, be sure to check your spelling, because grammatical errors can kill the impression of even the most useful content.You can use Grammarly to help you and the good news is that Grammarly discounts exist and can be found on the web. Here’s an example of Grammarly promo offer from this affiliate.
  • It will not be superfluous to check your text for uniqueness. For example, on the sites  CopyScape   or   you can find out for free the uniqueness of your article as a percentage. In addition, the later service by default checks the text for “watery”, for spelling and analyzes the SEO content in English or in Russian.

SEO text adaptation

To get the maximum amount of traffic to your article, you need to do text optimization.

  • The optimal article size should contain 900-1300 words.
  • Diversify the text by adding about five pictures to it. Do not forget to write the ALT value for each added photo. Enter what is shown in the picture there. Try to use key phrases from the article.
  • The key phrase should be displayed in the title, in the first paragraph of the article, and at least five more times.
  • Add external links (to other sites) and internal links (to other articles on your blog). It is desirable that there should be at least five. And the priority is precisely the external links.

The best way to learn how to write a good article is to write as much as possible!

You can use Grammarly to help you and the good news is that Grammarly discounts exist and can be found on the web. Check out Grammarly Review for more information.

Don't try to write the perfect article right away. Write how it will turn out, and in the process you will automatically receive ideas about what to change or remove. After you finish your masterpiece, take a break for lunch or a walk. After some time, re-read what you wrote from the point of view of the reader. With a fresh mind, it will be easier to make the final adjustment of the text.

With each new article, you will notice how your writing skills grow exponentially. You do not need to have any special talent in order to blog. Everyone can write - everyone has something to say! But the best are the most stubborn.

Check text for uniqueness online, an effective algorithm for checking uniqueness

Questions And Answers On Getting Writers For Your Online Content

How do you attract a writer?
If you want to attract a good freelancer writer then you must first of all offer a good compensation. For example have a look at our rates to  hire a content writer   and get amazing content on your website.
How do I find free writer?
In order to find a free writer you should be looking at guest post writers on specific Facebook groups for example, with a Google search or within your personal and professional network.
How do I find guest bloggers?
The best way to find guest bloggers is to look at websites that offer  guest posting   services.
How do I find a good content writer?
The best way to  hire a content writer   that will give entire satisfaction, is to make sure that the writer has his own content project online, such as his own website, and that he is able to provide work examples published on other websites.
How do you manage content writers?
A typical content writer is a  digital nomad   that works at his own pace, and the best way to manage them is to let them have as much flexibility as possible, not only because that is their way of life, but mostly due to the fact that they know best how to get creative, and creativity is what you will most likely be looking for when you  hire a content writer   and want a great result.

Have you found the right content writer, have you became one yourself, or do you have more questions on how to write a good article for your online publication? Let us know in comments.

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