Top Three Skills Employers Look For

Top Three Skills Employers Look For

Knowing which top three skills employers look for is not only important to know which of the skills you possess that you should highlight on your resume, but also the ones on which you should focus when looking for a training, the ones that are worth getting in  Online Course Creation   in an online school for, and the ones that will be valuable in the future.

But what are they? According to a recent study by the World Economic Forum, that published the ten top skills for 2025, they are mostly in three different categories - and a fourth one seems to be of lesser importance for the years to come. But what are they?

Top Three Skills Employers Look For In 2025
  • Problem solving,
  • Technology use and development,
  • Self-management.

Additionally, working with people still is a nice skill to have - but it seems to be less important than the three other ones. Let us see all them in detail, where to upskill if you need them, and how to teach them if you do have them.

1. Problem solving

It is and will more and more important to be able to solve problems by yourself without having to call external consultants, to setup endless meetings or to start never ending email chains.

First of all, analytical thinking and innovation is one of the greatest problem skill you can put in place, by being able to explain issues, and even if you are not able yourself to find the solution right away, to gather the right specialists and set innovation plans to solve them.

Then, it is of course amazing if you can solve any kind of complex problem. It is often difficult in a company to gather the right minds, and many meetings end up putting together more people than necessary - the ability to solve these issues yourself surely is a huge plus!

But despite solving them, showing critical thinking and the ability to analyze these problems already is of a great help to driving the business towards the solution, and is often lacking in firms.

Therefore, being creative is another way to get to solve any business issue. While your originality might seem like something that is not appealing in the first place, it is what could drive a good initiative and should surely be worked on as a practical business skill.

Finally, the ability or reasoning, problem-solving and ideation is what will allow the whole team to create new concepts and products that will streamline business processes and help the company to create these innovative solutions to the new complex problems that are arising.

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2. Technology use and development

It is already nearly impossible to get any kind of job without at least basic technology knowledge, such as computer use, and spreadsheet creation among other.

There are two main categories of technology skills that will keep getting more and more relevant for businesses, which is using technology tools and software, including monitoring these programs usage and controlling correctness of operation and data gathering, but it can also go as far as data exportation and analyze, going as far as being able to perform big data analytics on large sets of data.

The second type is technology design such as creating innovative hardware, and programming original software, and there is now software programs everywhere in both our professional and personal life, and it will only keep growing.

How to learn technology use and development skills? There are plenty of schools out there, and as many skillsets as there are tools available. However, you cannot go wrong by learning how to use the classic  Microsoft Office   tools such as  MS Excel   for spreadsheet processing and MS Word to create documents.

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3. Self-management

It is getting more and more important to be able to work alone at least from time to time, especially with the development of remote work and the necessity to manage connections with partners around the world, for which you might easily become the single point of contact.

And it is moreover getting very important to be able to actively learn create your own learning strategies, with the development of online training and on demand self-upskilling - it is even sometimes asked in companies to learn by yourself, as it might be cheaper than sending you to an in-class training or to organize one for the team.

Therefore, one great option can be to get your company to get its workers an online training package that they can then access whenever they want, and online schools are aware of that. Therefore, consider getting  customized training   for yourself and your whole company.

It is also important to work on yourself, and getting skills such as resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility are now especially important for any kind of business. Furthermore, adding them on your CV will be in the coming years a strong argument that employers will be looking for in new recruits.

How to learn Self-management skills? There are plenty of online courses to upskill yourself or your team in active learning and learning strategies, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, and you can even get packages for large orders:

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4. Working with people

Another skill that employers are looking for in new recruits is the social influence and leadership skills that allow an individual to effectively work with other people, with or without a direct subordination link is something that matters more and more - and will keep getting important.

For example, if you are an influencer, this is now a skill that companies are actively looking for to work on their online strategies, and it is now necessary for any business to have a good online presence. Show up these skills on your CV or teach them if you have them.

If you can  promote yourself online   effectively, employers will most likely see you as a valuable team member or leader!

Conclusion: top skills for 2025

All of the Top Three Skills Employers Look For at the moment and will keep being interested in at least until 2025 can not only be acquired with online courses, but they can also be shared within a company learning plan, and become an additional source of income if you do have them and are able to share them with your own  Online Course Creation   strategy.

While there is actually not one single school that offers all of the top skills employers are looking for, it is possible to focus on some of them in order to make stand out on your resume and get the job you want!

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