Amazon Associates OneLink - universal Amazon affiliate link

Amazon just launched Amazon OneLink affiliate, its own way to build global links for products on Amazon affiliate international traffic.

Before, users had to manually provide links per Amazon international site to the website visitors, or provide a list of links and let the user choose which one to click on.

Now, all we have to do is link Amazon accounts, and add a small code in the website to have links automatically redirecting to the local Amazon store - or the closest one - from a unique and universal global link !

Universal Amazon affiliate link

To do so, login on the Amazon US affiliate website. If not registered yet on Amazon US, then it is time to create an account, as it will be the central one for the other Amazon affiliate countries.

Amazon affiliate program login

After being logged in, go to the OneLink page, in Tools > OneLink, which has been created recently in September 2018.

Amazon OneLink

There, link to the US central account all the other accounts you may have. If you don't have local accounts, do not hesitate to create them to benefit from the link localization to the nearest store.

At the opening of Amazon OneLink, the following countries were open for international affiliate programs linking :

United Kingdom with affiliates
Canada with associates
Germany with partnernet
France with partenaires
Spain with afiliados
Italy with affiliazione
Japan with affiliate

It is most likely only a question of time until the remaining countries already open for Amazon affiliate program can also be linked the the central Amazon OneLink account :

China associates
India affiliate
Brazil associados
Mexico afiliados
Australia affiliate

For each of the Amazon international sites open for amzone international affiliate centralization program, enter the tracking ID in the appropriate box, click the link store button, and verify ownership of the account by clicking on the link, and logging on the local website account to prove that you do own the account.

After all Amazon affiliate different countries have been linked to the central one, the next step is to add in your website a small piece of JavaScript.

This code will automatically update all the Amazon affiliate links on your website. Nothing more to do on your side !

Copy the code from the Amazon OneLink website, and paste it somewhere in your HTML, preferably in the footer, and using the asynchronous method.

Why ? Because that way, it won't slow down the HTML and CSS from displaying, meaning the site will be displayed fast to the visitor, and the extra piece of JavaScript dynamic code will be loaded afterwards.

In any case, the visitor will click on the link after having viewed the webpage, which should therefore be delivered in priority.

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And that is it !

Time to test if it is working, by simply going to your website on a page containing Amazon affiliate link, and clicking on one of them.

See our example, with a link from the, the US version of Amazon, on our website, after having linked all other Amazon international sites.

After clicking on the link, we get to a specific Amazon page, which will handle the redirection to the nearest country online store.

In our case in this example, it is the French website, which is correct, as we are visiting from France. If the US site was served to us, we wouldn't be able to order, or would have to pay extra shipping to cover the expensive oversea shipping - and wait an awfully long time =)

If Amazon OneLink is not working, make sure of the following :

  • the international Amazon sites have been linked and verified properly,
  • the Amazon links included in the webpage are coming from the US website. This should not be necessary, however in doubt, try it,
  • the JavaScript has been included in the webpage code, and is properly loading without Javascript issue. It might be that another JS library is messing up with that one, which would be visible in the developer console of the browser used to visit the website.
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Experiencing other issues, or happy with this awesome, and long awaited, update to Amazon affiliates ? Let us know in the comments.

The Amazon OneLink page is accessible from the Amazon Affiliate portal, by selecting the menu Tools and then the OneLink option.

You can also access it directly – from the Amazon Affiliates US portal – using below direct link.

If your Amazon onelink is not working, make sure that you have linked all your universal Amazon affiliate links with your central account on

Also, make sure that your website includes the extra javascript that is needed to run the universal Amazon affiliate link on a website.

Without this extra script, the universal Amazon affiliate link cannot find on your page the Amazon links, and propose the link from your connected Amazon associates onelink that matches the visitor’s geography.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Amazon Associates OneLink feature work to create universal affiliate links, and what are the benefits for affiliates?
OneLink allows Amazon Associates to link their accounts across different regions, creating a single affiliate link that redirects users to their local Amazon storefront. This maximizes the potential for earning commissions from international traffic by ensuring users can purchase through the appropriate Amazon site.

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Transform your digital presence with our comprehensive Website Creation course – start your journey to becoming a web expert today!

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 2019-05-06 -  eduardo quilca
Hello, nice article. my question is, if the affiliate links that I must place on my website must be from amazon united states. or redirect without problems if I use links from amazon spain.
 2019-05-06 -  admin
Any link from any Amazon country will be automatically redirected to the closest Amazon website for the user by using the Amazon OneLink system on your website.
 2021-04-24 -  Lyvia
Hello I have tried everything to create an amazon OneLink and nothing works ... I can not find the same place as you for link your account what I see is different and I have not button to check ... Can you give me the direct url of this page?
 2021-04-24 -  admin
@Lyvia The link is in Tools => One Link, do you see it? »  More information on this link

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