5 Online Excel Training You Need for your Company

When you're a business owner, it's very important to have staff skilled at using business software programs. One of those essential software programs is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most common computer programs used amongst companies through various industries. Companies within the financial or accounting industry like to utilize it to organize expenses and income on spreadsheets.

Excel is a widely used computer program. It is necessary for carrying out calculations, data analysis, forecasting, drawing up repayment schedules, tables and charts, calculating simple and complex functions. It is part of the  Microsoft Office   package.

We want to offer you the best Excel courses, after which you will be able to work at a professional level with this program.

However, this program has constantly evolved throughout the years. Your business staff must stay up-to-date in their Excel skills. A great way for them to do this is to register for some online courses. There are plenty of affordable, solid Excel training courses out there. Here are five of those courses you could consider for you or your business staff.

5 best online Excel trainings

  1. MichaelManagement: Excel - an Introduction & Beyond, full course $69 ( ⪢ More information on their website)
  2. Udemy's Microsoft Excel Classes, full course $120 ( ⪢ More information on their website)
  3. LinkedIn Learning Excel Essential Training, subscription from $35 / month ( ⩺ More information on their website)
  4. Macquarie University's Excel Skills for Business Certification, subscription from $49 / month ( ⩺ More information on their website)
  5. SkillShare Inside Excel Course - subscription from $99 / year ( ⩺ More information on their website)

Let's check them in details, and see how to skill up and reach the underlying skills and career goals.

MichaelManagement: Excel - an Introduction & Beyond, full course $69

The best priced and most complete course to introduce you to Microsoft Excel professional use and will get you eager to use and learn more of it, the Excel introduction and beyond full course only lasts 2 hours, and will check with quizzes that the skills are understood.

This course will let you understand the concept of spreadsheets and make you a more efficient MS Excel user in no time.

Get professionally certified!

The most valuable courses comes at a price, and MichaelManagement has managed to bring the best corporate trainers to create amazing courses on its platform, and their courses can either be bough individually, or a year long subscription for full courses access lets you access all courses, and will get you professional certifications by completing learning paths consisting of several courses, organized by knowledge level, from begginer's entry level to business skills deep dive.

Their MSOffice Excel certification includes following courses courses in the general learning path:

Completing all these courses will get you a professional certification, to show on your CV and show your employer.

Completing the Excel certification path and getting the certification might then get you want to learn more in connected areas, and getting a full subscription from MichaelManagement is a great way to learn about other topics, such as:

Get professional certifications

If you are looking for new skills for a potential career change, getting a subscription to MichaelManagement is a great way to interact with professional trainers, gain business skills including professional certifications with valuable certificates, and learn about a whole range of important business skils, from management to office productivity and as far as ERP proficiency.

Reach your next professional step

If you are already employed, it is a great way to get new skills that will land you the next promotion, help you negotiate a salary raise and ask for more responsibilities by showing your new professional certifications from completing learning paths. You can even ask your company to get you a subscription, and if you get several coworkers to enroll as well, contact the learning center to negotiate a corporate discount.

Skill-up your co-workers

Finally, if you are a training manager, setting up training plans has never been as simple as getting subscriptions for your coworkers on the Michael Management platform and let your students follow the training paths, as they are already setup to guide them in their successful training paths.

Udemy's Microsoft Excel Classes, full course $120

Udemy is one of the best online course providers around where you could learn all sorts of things, from computer programs to writing. Their Microsoft Excel classes cover everything you need to know about the program. These four classes span a range of experience levels. Here is what you will get within this Excel training:

  • Microsoft Excel 101 is for beginners of the program.
  • Excel 102 is for intermediate learners.
  • Excel 103 is for people within the advanced stage.
  • Microsoft Excel Macro and VBA cover topics such as PivotTables and charts, VLOOKUP, SUM, and IF.

With Udemy's microsoft excel class you will be able to learn start as a beginner with Excel and move to an advanced level. No prior knowledge is required, and the course includes 21 hours of on-demand video.

As a proof of success, some top companies worldwide such as Nasdaq or Wolkswagen are offering the Udemy's microsoft excel class for beginner to advanced learners to their employees.

Investopedia: The 7 Best Online Excel Classes of 2021

What's great about these online training courses is that it doesn't give you a required time commitment for completion like other courses do. Currently, this quality training is on sale for those who are interested.

LinkedIn Learning Excel Essential Training, subscription from $35 / month

If most of your staff is familiar with Excel but not very skilled in using it, LinkedIn Learning's Excel Essential Training course is a great way to get started in it.

This course starts from the beginner level to the advanced stages of the Microsoft program. One of the most useful lessons in this course includes formatting your data which guides you on how to create Pivot Tables.

Best Excel online courses in 2021

Not only is this course great for beginners, but it doesn't take up too much of your time as well. If you have a LinkedIn Premium account, you can start registering for this course on its learning platform today.

Macquarie University's Excel Skills for Business Certification, subscription from $49 / month

This next online Excel training program is one of the best for businesses. Like Udemy, it also contains four online lessons: Essentials, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, and Advanced.

However, Macquarie University's Excel Skills for Business Certification focuses more on addressing business problems. The four lessons cover topics like Macros, Pivot Tables, and building dashboards, to name a few. While it does require a time commitment of six weeks, you can start by just completing one class. You can also set your deadlines.

SkillShare Inside Excel Course - subscription from $99 / year

If you're too busy to commit to six weeks of learning, perhaps SkillShare Inside Excel- Learn 23 Essential Excel Skills the Pros Know course may be good for you. You can learn at your own pace with this program which gives you the skills to use Excel efficiently.

The course is slightly over two hours and covers the 23 skills in 17 lessons. You can take the lessons in order or skip ahead to a particular lesson for a specific skill you want to master.

Excel training online: skill up remotely

If you want you or your business staff to stay up-to-date in Microsoft Excel, you must take advantage of the valuable Excel training online now. These programs and many others give you all the training in becoming Excel proficient for your business and beyond.

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