Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: May vs. April

Explore our May 2024 earnings report, featuring insights on EPMV and traffic trends, strategic changes, and growth plans for June. Discover how our content and partnerships are evolving to drive sustainable growth and increased revenue.
Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: May vs. April

In this latest update, we analyze the performance metrics of our website content media network for May, comparing them against April's figures. This analysis includes insights into EPMV, overall earnings, website traffic, strategic developments, and future plans.

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

May saw a decrease in EPMV to $7.01 from April's $7.84. This drop in EPMV, combined with a decline in website visits from 44,873 in April to 40,477 in May, resulted in a decrease in overall earnings to $283.84, down from $351.62 in the previous month. This decline highlights the ongoing challenges in maintaining traffic and optimizing ad revenue.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

Earnings distribution for May showed the following contributions from our ad partners:

This distribution underscores the continued importance of a diversified ad revenue strategy, even as we face fluctuations in traffic and EPMV.

Detailed Analysis of Traffic Decrease and EPMV Decrease:

The simultaneous decrease in both traffic and EPMV resulted in a notable reduction in overall earnings for May. This suggests that not only did fewer visitors come to the site, but those who did were less engaged or interacted less with advertisements. The decrease in traffic can be attributed to several factors, including seasonal variations, shifts in user behavior, and the impact of our recent content strategy adjustments. The drop in EPMV indicates that our ad placements may not have performed as well, possibly due to changes in the types of ads displayed or user engagement with the content.

Implications for Earnings:

The combined decrease in traffic and EPMV directly impacted our earnings. This highlights the need for strategies that can both attract more visitors and enhance their engagement with advertisements to maximize revenue.

Strategies to Increase Earnings:

To address these challenges, we will focus on several key strategies. Enhancing content marketing efforts through SEO, social media, and email marketing will be crucial to driving more traffic to the site. Additionally, diversifying our content to include broader topics while continuing to develop niche content can help attract a wider array of visitors. Continuous optimization of ad placements and formats is also necessary to enhance EPMV, and we will experiment with different ad formats and placements to see what works best. Finally, deepening our engagement with online communities can help boost traffic and user loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and sustained engagement.

May's Strategic Changes

May was a month of significant developments as we continued to expand our digital presence and strengthen our community engagement. One of the major initiatives was the development of new partnerships, most notably with Empire Flippers. By promoting their digital businesses for sale within our Facebook group %%Ezoic Premium and Web Monetization for publishers%%, which now exceeds 5,000 members, we are providing our community, primarily digital publishers, with valuable opportunities to explore and invest in established online ventures. This partnership not only enriches the content we offer but also enhances the value proposition for our community members, encouraging more interaction and engagement within the group.

We also made substantial progress with our French tourist portal website about Warsaw, This site, aimed at the French-speaking community in Warsaw, saw significant enhancements through partnerships with local brands. These collaborations are designed to offer our users exclusive insights and promotions, further enriching their experience on the site. Additionally, we began working on English and Polish versions of to broaden its reach and make it accessible to a wider audience. By expanding the site's language offerings, we aim to attract more users and enhance its utility as a comprehensive resource for both locals and tourists.

Another strategic move in May was the promotion of Remoters for Warsaw. This initiative focuses on assisting French-speaking and other expatriates with finding suitable accommodations in Warsaw. Leveraging our local expertise and community network, we positioned ourselves as a go-to resource for newcomers. This not only supports expatriates in their relocation process but also strengthens our role as a community hub, fostering deeper connections and engagement among users.

In the education sphere, we continued to expand our business course offerings. We developed new courses from available content, focusing on topics such as SAP Material Master Essentials and PowerPoint 365. These courses are designed to meet the growing demand for professional development and specialized knowledge, further establishing our platform as a leading provider of high-quality educational content. By continuously enhancing our course portfolio, we aim to attract more learners and provide valuable resources that contribute to their professional growth.

Overall, the strategic changes implemented in May reflect our ongoing commitment to content diversification, community engagement, and educational expansion. These initiatives are aimed at driving traffic, increasing user engagement, and ultimately enhancing revenue growth. By focusing on partnerships, local content, and educational resources, we are laying a strong foundation for sustained success and continued growth in the digital landscape.

Strategic Outlook: Plans for June

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As we move into June, our strategic focus will be on further expanding our educational and content offerings, as well as leveraging AI to enhance our operations and reach.

Continued Business Course Creation and Promotion:

We will continue to create and promote business courses from available content. This includes new courses such as SAP Material Master Essentials Part 2: Processes and Procurement, PowerPoint 365: Slide Design and Beyond, and Impactful Presentations: Strategies for Success. We will also introduce advanced topics like SAP Material Master Essentials Part 3: Trading Process Basics, Part 4: Advanced Trading Processes, and SAP Material Master Customizing Part 1: Introduction. These courses are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills to professionals, enhancing our educational content portfolio.

Leveraging AI for Content and Lead Generation:

To optimize our operations and content creation, we will leverage AI tools to generate new business course topics, particularly focusing on SAP hot topics.

Additionally, we will use AI to help with lead generation, especially for our construction worker sales funnel. This will involve adding new content to Prêt-à-Travailler BTP Europe and conducting B2B cold calls to potential clients in France, Belgium, and surrounding regions.

Expanding YouTube Channels:

We plan to grow our YouTube channels:

We will also expand our travel YouTube channel @wcanifly, to include more videos that can be monetized on the Humix network. These efforts will help increase our video content, attract more viewers, and generate additional revenue through video monetization.

Utilizing iWriter for Content Creation:

Given our existing balance on iWriter, we will order articles to publish new content on our websites. This will help us maintain a steady stream of fresh content, attracting more visitors and enhancing our SEO efforts.

Including Flippa Websites Offers:

In addition to our current partnerships, we will start including Flippa website offers in our panel of websites for sale, which we share on our Facebook group for web publishers. This move aims to provide our community with a broader range of opportunities to invest in digital businesses, further enhancing the value we offer to our members.


May's performance, characterized by a slight decrease in traffic, EPMV, and overall earnings, underscores the importance of strategic content and partnership initiatives. As we move into June, our focus on expanding educational content, leveraging AI tools, and enhancing community engagement is designed to drive sustainable growth and increased revenue. By continuously optimizing our strategies and expanding our digital presence, we aim to navigate the challenges of the digital landscape and achieve long-term success.

Yoann Bierling
About the author - Yoann Bierling
Yoann Bierling is a Web Publishing & Digital Consulting professional, making a global impact through expertise and innovation in technologies. Passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age, he is driven to deliver exceptional results and drive growth through educational content creation.

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