Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: January vs. December

In this update, we delve into the performance metrics of our website content media network for January, comparing it against December's data. Our focus remains on the EPMV, overall earnings, and website traffic metrics, alongside a review of our strategic initiatives and future plans.
Website Content Media Network Earnings Report: January vs. December

EPMV and Earnings Comparison:

January observed a notable decrease in EPMV to $5.10 from December's $7.04, reflecting broader market challenges and possibly a post-holiday season adjustment. Concurrently, overall earnings saw a downturn, ending at $472.79 for January, compared to the $613.02 reported in December. This decline in revenue, despite an increase in website visits to 92,632 from 87,034, underscores the impact of lower EPMV on monetization efficiency.

Breakdown of Ad Partner Earnings:

The distribution of earnings across ad partners for January highlights the ongoing reliance on diversified ad revenue streams.

The varied performance across these platforms reinforces the importance of a multi-channel approach to ad revenue.

January's Strategic Changes:

New Service Offering in France:

We launched a dedicated offering for our worker service in France, focusing on welders and scaffolders, supported by a comprehensive social media set to enhance visibility and engagement.

FAQs Update:

Efforts to update our websites' FAQs by adding relevant Q&A to each article commenced, aiming to enhance user engagement and provide immediate value, although the vast number of articles means this is an ongoing project.

Affiliate Marketing Focus:

We intensified our focus on creating video and article content geared towards affiliate sales, especially in the financial sector with products like multi-currency accounts and low-fee money transfer services offered by Revolut and Wise with cashback.

January presented us with a paradoxical scenario: an increase in website traffic to 92,632 visits from December's 87,034, yet a decline in EPMV to $5.10 from $7.04. This contrast directly influenced our earnings, which decreased despite the higher volume of visitors.

Implications for Earnings:

The higher traffic should ideally lead to increased earnings; however, the drop in EPMV signifies that each visitor's value decreased. Essentially, we attracted more visitors but earned less from ads per thousand visits, resulting in reduced overall ad revenue.

Potential Causes:

1. Post-Holiday Season:

January often sees a normalization of advertising rates after the holiday boost in December, contributing to lower EPMV.

2. Ad Relevance and Quality:

The content focus in December, especially with the travel-related initiatives and the affiliate partnership with SafetyWing, might not have matched the advertisers' target demographics or intent in January, affecting ad relevance and, consequently, EPMV.

3. Audience Engagement:

While traffic increased, the engagement level or the quality of traffic might not have been as high, possibly due to less targeted content or differing visitor intent, impacting the profitability of ads displayed.

4. Ad Saturation:

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An increase in content and pages might lead to ad saturation, where too many ads dilute each ad's effectiveness and viewer attention, potentially lowering EPMV.

Strategies to Increase Earnings:

  • Enhance Content Relevance: Aligning content more closely with our audience's interests and search intent can improve engagement and the value of ads placed on our pages. Utilizing analytics to understand which content performs best can guide this alignment.
  • Improve Ad Quality and Targeting: Working with ad partners to ensure that ads are highly relevant to our audience can increase clicks and engagement, thus improving EPMV. This might involve refining ad placements or exploring new ad formats that better capture audience attention.
  • Diversify Revenue Streams: Beyond display ads, exploring other revenue streams like sponsored content,  Affiliate Marketing   more deeply (especially with high-engagement products like Revolut and Wise), and even direct product sales can help mitigate the impact of fluctuating EPMV on overall earnings.
  • Optimize for High-Value Traffic: Focusing marketing efforts on attracting high-intent visitors, possibly through targeted social media campaigns or SEO for high-value keywords, can increase the quality of traffic and the EPMV.
  • A/B Testing: Implementing A/B tests on ad placements and formats can identify the most effective strategies for maximizing ad revenue without compromising user experience.

Moving Forward:

Understanding the dynamics between traffic, EPMV, and earnings is crucial for our ongoing strategy. By addressing the challenges head-on and leveraging the insights gained from our current content and advertising approach, we can refine our methods to enhance both visitor engagement and revenue. The goal for the upcoming months will be to not only maintain the increase in traffic but also to improve the EPMV through strategic content and ad optimizations.

Plans for February:

New Website Launches:

We plan to create new websites across various themes, including:

This expansion aims to diversify our content and explore new niches.

Expand Travel Content:

The successful travel website Where Can I FLY? will receive expanded content, setting the stage for a standalone French website about Warsaw.

This move is designed to capitalize on the successful Facebook group of French expats in Warsaw.

Business Courses Development:

We will continue creating business courses utilizing existing content that has yet to be fully leveraged. Topics include SAP ECC vs. SAP S/4HANA, SAP Materials Management Essentials, SAP Basics, and Data Cleansing.


January’s performance, with a decline in EPMV and overall earnings despite increased traffic, prompts a strategic reassessment and adaptation. Our diversified approach to content and revenue generation, alongside targeted initiatives in affiliate marketing, service offerings, and educational content, sets a solid foundation for future growth. As we embark on new projects and expand our digital footprint in February, our focus remains on optimizing monetization strategies and enhancing user engagement across our network.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate the evolving digital landscape together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What challenges might affect earnings in January compared to December?
Challenges in January may include a post-holiday drop in traffic and ad spend, necessitating a focus on creating engaging content and optimizing ad placements to maintain steady earnings.

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