What are Google Cloud services? A quick overview

Keeping your files secured

Using a Cloud service to secure and share your files is a great idea. This will give you more freedom in your work. You and your colleagues will be able to work every where you want to. Indeed, you can access those files from every computer since they are stored in the Cloud.

If you have a Google account, you may know that you have a 15 GB free storage option on Google Drive. But how can you be sure that this free option is the one that was made for you?

Google Drive Personal vs Google Drive Enterprise

The free 15 GB storage that Google gives you on your Google Drive is enough for most people. Indeed, text files and spreadsheets do not take a lot of space. However, if you have other media, such as music, pictures or videos, 15 GB could not be enough.

Google thought about you and proposes Google Drive Enterprise. This option is not free. Its cost depends on how much data you store. You must pay $0.04/GB and $8/month per active user. To know if this option is great for you, you have to think about your situation. Are you simply a photographer who needs a little more space, but who will be the only one using this service or are you the director of a company which wants to give a common access to all his employees to a Cloud?

What should I choose as a freelancer?

If you are simply a photographer, you should think about the other free platforms online. Indeed, OneDrive -the  Microsoft Azure ‌  free storage- gives you 5 Go of free storage, and BetterWorld Books AWS gives you 5 GB free for 12 months. All those free options are probably enough for you, even if you have lots of photos. You could also use real hard drives to store the older pictures.

If it isn’t enough, then consider registering to a cloud storage service that has a higher storage limit.

Using this technique helps you to keep an easy access to your recent photos that you need to work on while having the older ones stored on physical hard drive. We can apply the same reasoning for filmmakers and content publishers.

What should I choose as a company?

However, if you are a company, having your old files on a physical  hard drive ‌  is not an option because you may need them tomorrow. Using a Cloud Service is a good idea and not only for storage. Let’s see the other features of Cloud Services.

The other features of Cloud services

We mostly talked about storage for now, because it is the main concern for most people. However, Cloud services also help for computing, networking, deploying apps, having secure database, and developing Open Source code. Both BetterWorld Books AWS and  Microsoft Azure ‌  are excellent for developing Open Source code and having SQL databases. Their services are comparable to Google Drive Enterprise in those areas. These three options are safe: they compute using virtual machines and they network using virtual networks or API.

A good way to make up your mind is by asking your commercial partners what they use. Indeed, working with your partners on the same platforms will quicken your interactions.

Google Cloud Services reviews

We asked the community for their feedback on Google Cloud Services, in both computing and storage world with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Cloud, and here are they answers. In short:  Google Cloud Services ‌  are pretty good at what they what do, and without hesitation very competitive. Do use them for your own needs!

Are you using any of the Google Cloud products, was it a good or bad experience? Is it better than AWS or Microsoft Azure? Is it worst and did you switch to another Cloud? What do you recommend for its implementation and usage, any specific tip?

Derek Perkins, Nozzle: Running Kubernetes on Google Cloud (GKE) is easily 100x better than Azure

Running Kubernetes on Google Cloud (GKE) is easily 100x better than running on Azure (AKS). Spinning up new services on Google would take seconds, where similar operations often took minutes, and even more if you had to wait for a new VM to be provisioned. We had a 2 day outage in Azure because they artificially throttled our Kubernetes control plane, and even with supposed 1-hour premium turnaround service, they weren’t able to diagnose the problem. As long as you are willing to do things the way Google wants you to, ease of use and price/performance can’t be beat.

Derek Perkins, CEO of Nozzle
Derek Perkins, CEO of Nozzle
Derek Perkins is the CEO of Nozzle, a keyword rank tracking software pool. He writes a lot of backend code but also does the business side. His favorite book is Ender's Game and he loves playing basketball and ping pong.

Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits: Google Cloud for day to day tasks

Google Cloud service is now one of the best it is easily accessible because it can be accessed from smartphones very easily google made this eco-system of Android.

Now we are  working from home ‌  google cloud is helping us a lot by for example we use  Google Sheets ‌  for day to day task updates so we can check each other work and keep updated the supervisor.

Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits
Majid Fareed, James Bond Suits

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